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Employee Exit Survey Template


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It is not so fun when an employee which is the greatest resource a business can have, decides to leave the company. But a smart move from a human-resource professionals viewpoint is to know the reasons behind their decisions, in details. This is for preventing other personnels to separate, and simply, to make the company a better place for employees.

Each employee costs time and money to be what they are; and loosing the work experience they bare with them, usually cannot be compensated easily.

You may have already lost an employee, but make sure you don’t lose their feedback too.


To help you get insight about their reasons, we have made a great Employee Exit Survey, which can be used together with exit-interviews.

This survey template holds questions on effectiveness of your management personnels, to employees’ general satisfaction level of their working environment. It helps you evaluate issues such as benefits, working conditions, opportunities for career advancement, the quality and quantity of the workload, and relationships with co-workers, managers and supervisors.

You might be working as a HR expert in a large enterprise, or be a CEO of a startup company. In any case, this employee exit survey will be a valuable tool for you to illuminate the shortages that causes employees to leave; so you can apply their feedback and enhance your business!

You can of course customize the Employee Exit survey template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the staff at your company. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and powerful employee exit survey :)


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