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Healthcare CAHPS® Visit Survey 2.0 Survey Template


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When a patient chooses to enter your hospital, the quality of the treatment they are going to receive is the most important thing. To reach a high quality in the treatment, several aspects have to be taken into consideration.
Everything from the first contact with the hospital staff, to the behavior of the doctor the patient visited.

The CAHPS® Visit Survey 2.0 is meant to capture information about a patient’s most recent visit to the hospital enabling you as a healthcare provider or a hospital, to understand what your patients are happy with and in what areas need improving.

The CAHPS® visit survey 2.0 measures quality in the following for the recent visit to the hospital/doctor:

  • Getting timely appointments, care, and information.
  • How well hospitals or doctors communicate with patients.
  • Helpful, courteous, and respectful office staff.
  • Patients’ rating of the hospital or doctor.
  • Hospital’s or doctor’s attention to your child’s growth and development (child only).
  • Hospital’s or doctor’s advice on keeping your child safe and healthy (child only).

You can of course customize the CAHPS® visit survey 2.0 survey template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the patients of your hospital. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and powerful CAHPS® visit survey 2.0 survey template :)

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