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Market Research: New Service Survey Template


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Before you introduce a new product it’s not a bad idea to ask an audience for their opinion on it, preferably some of your most loyal customers. This is something you as a company also can do before introducing a brand new service to the market.

By gathering a small group of loyal customers and letting them experience your new service gives you the best possible feedback. But the important question is: what questions do you ask? No worries we at SurveyLegend have created a new service survey template containing all the questions you may need to get the most important feedback for the success of your new service. The more you a a company know what needs improving and how your customers perceive the new service the better the chance of you dominating or even creating a new market. So listen to your surrounding and do it with our help, we got your back.

Using our new service market research survey template will enable you to gather a great amount of precious feedback from a large number of audience on phones, tablets or desktop computers. Not only our survey questions are professionally crafted, but also our beautiful surveys are mobile-friendly and compatible with any devices. This means you can reach to more people, anywhere in the world.

You can of course customize the new service market research survey template  according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the products or services that your company offers. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and new service market research survey :)

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