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Technical Support Satisfaction Survey Template


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Every day people interact with technology, using their smartphone, computer or tablet to connect to the rest of the world using the Internet as a portal to knowledge, communication, inspiration… yes, the list is never ending ladies and gentlemen. If you’re a provider of technology, it’s super important that you know and accept the fact that not every customer of yours is a tech expert, having an amazing technical support can make or break your business.

How do i know if my technical support is good or bad?

Good question, the answer to your question is; The only way to know if your tech support is good or bad is by asking your customers, specifically the customer receiving the technical support. Your customers will tell you if they are happy with your technical support response time, the knowledge level of your technical support team, the quality of your overall technical support, what area of the technical support influenced them the most resulting in the feedback they provided and many more questions are answered in our technical support satisfaction survey template. Using our professional technical support satisfaction survey template allows you to save time and get of with a flying start with your survey, gathering the much needed feedback from your customers. It will help your company to stay ahead of competition and retain customers as you create customer loyalty with excellent support.

Of course you can customize the technical support satisfaction survey template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the customers of your company. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and powerful technical support satisfaction survey, today! :)


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