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Every day, your company’s webpage gets tons of traffic. But do you know who are the visitors? How long do they stay on your webpage? How did they find your amazing webpage? Will day come back in the next 30 days? How old are they? How much do you really know about people who visit your site?

These are just some of the questions we ask in our powerful website visitor profile form. Knowing how your visitors found your webpage and how long they stay on your page helps you perfect the webpage experience, it even helps you understand the effect of the new ad investment your company just did. You can get some of this data, by embedding tracking codes into your website, which can be challenging in many ways, and at the end not give you that much data. But why not asking the visitors some questions directly, when you can?

When you understand who your visitors is you can better adapt the content and the language you use on your website. Every visitor is important be they just passing by, or an active paying customer. Listen and learn! That’s how you become better and eventually the “best” at what you do. With the help of SurveyLegend’s simple and nice-looking Website Visitor profile form, it becomes easier to collect all that data. Specially with additional data that you collect, such as the time users visit your site, or the geographical place (country/city) are coming from. So what are you waiting for? Get to know your visitors today using our professional form!

You can of course customize the website visitor profile form template according to your needs, add questions that are specific for the people visiting your website. Register now for free and start creating your first amazing and powerful website visitor profile form :)

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