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How to Create an Independence Day Survey for Any Country

Researchers conduct Independence Day surveys to gauge public sentiment, opinions, and attitudes related to the celebration of a country’s freedom. These surveys are usually conducted around the time of the national holiday, allowing researchers and marketers to gather valuable insights into how people perceive their country’s independence, their level of patriotism, and their views on various issues related to their nation.

What is an Independence Day Survey?

An Independence Day survey provides a snapshot of public sentiment and captures the collective mood of a nation on this significant occasion. Independence Day surveys may cover a wide range of topics, from holiday plans to overall satisfaction with the state of the country.

Independence Day surveys are typically conducted through various methods, including online surveys, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and mailed questionnaires. The sampling methods may involve random selection or targeted demographics to ensure a representative sample of the population.

Independence Day Surveys for Any Country

Independence Day surveys provide insight into the mindset of a country’s citizens. By creating your own Independence Day or “freedom survey,” you can gather a lot of insight about people, for example:

  • How they plan to celebrate (if at all)
  • How much they intend to spend
  • Overall sense of patriotism
  • Thoughts about national identity
  • Brands/companies they associate with independence
  • Knowledge of country history
  • Thoughts on current events
  • And more!

To get started, you can view every country’s independence day here.

Independence Day Infographic

One good example of how someone can use the results of an Independence Day survey comes from Statista, which put together this Independence Day infographic focused on the United States. This 4th of July survey highlights how Americans plan to celebrate (and if they plan to celebrate) their freedom.

Infographic: Some Of The Numbers Behind Independence Day | Statista

Reasons to Conduct an Independence Day Survey

There are four main reasons to conduct an Independence Day survey. Each has a different objective.

1. Event Participation

Independence Day surveys often include questions about citizens’ participation in celebrations, such as attending parades, fireworks displays, or other patriotic events. They may also explore people’s preferred ways of expressing their national pride, such as displaying flags, singing the national anthem, or engaging in community service.

The following survey with images, created with SurveyLegend, is a great example of an event participation survey.

Independence Day Survey Plans

2. Historical Knowledge

Surveys about Independence Day can delve into citizens’ understanding of their country’s history and the significance of the independence struggle. Questions may be designed to assess the level of historical knowledge among respondents, asking about key events, prominent historical figures, and the reasons behind the fight for independence.

The following survey created using SurveyLegend uses multiple choice questions to gauge people’s knowledge of the July 4th holiday.

Independence Day Suryey on History

3. Opinion on Current Issues

Public opinion on current issues and challenges facing the nation may also be explored in these surveys. They can include questions about citizens’ satisfaction with the country’s governance, the economy, social issues, and international relations. Understanding these viewpoints can provide policymakers and leaders with valuable insights into the concerns and priorities of the population.

While the below survey doesn’t use Independence Day imagery, the timing of the holiday is right to gauge people’s opinions on topics of this sort.

Independence Day Survey Current Events

4. Contests

Some cities and towns can get very competitive when it comes to Independence Day celebrations. They may use surveys to get people’s opinions on which had the best fireworks display, parade, and so on.

How Independence Day Surveys are Used

The findings of Independence Day surveys are used by governments, researchers, media outlets, and other organizations to inform their decision-making processes, shape policies, and understand the pulse of the nation. They provide a valuable tool for evaluating public sentiment and identifying areas that require attention or improvement.

Steps to Creating Your Independence Day Survey with Images

With SurveyLegend’s free survey tool online, we make creating your United States July 4 survey or any other country’s Independence Day survey easy! Just follow these 10 steps and you’ll be on your way.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Add a new survey, and navigate to the CREATE step.
  3. Use our picture-based question type (“Picture Selection”) by clicking on it.
  4. Click on the picture selection question that was just added, and then click on the “upload” button.
  5. Select all of your pictures at once from your computer, and then hit upload. Wait until the upload process is complete for all images.
  6. If you like, change the layout and size of Independence Day pictures using the settings on the left-hand side. You can also choose whichever voting type you prefer. People usually use the “Ranking” voting type and let people vote for their top 3 favorites. 
  7. Go to the DESIGN step to change the look and feel of your survey (for example, you can choose a dark theme or upload your own background).
  8. Go to the CONFIGURE step and give your Independence Day survey a good name so that you remember it. Also make sure you have this setting ON: “Limit number of participations” which will make sure people cannot vote multiple times to influence results.
  9. Finally, continue to the SHARE step, copy your competition link, and send it to your audience using SMS, Email, Facebook, Slack or whatever platform you like.
  10. When the distribution of your Independence Day survey is complete, go to Live Analytics and watch as the results come in.


In conclusion, Independence Day surveys are essential tools for capturing the collective mood, opinions, and attitudes of a nation during the celebration of its independence. By exploring topics such as patriotism, historical knowledge, current issues, and overall satisfaction, these surveys offer valuable insights that can shape policies and promote a better understanding of the country’s citizens.

How will you celebrate your country’s independence? Will you be surveying people about their plans or their thoughts on this day? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions


When do countries celebrate their Independence Day?

Each country celebrates their Independence Day on the anniversary of their freedom or nationhood.

What is an Independence Day survey?

An independence Day survey may be used to understand the mood of the nation, their thoughts on current events and policy, to test their knowledge of history, or to find out how they plan to celebrate the day.

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