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What is numerical (ratio) data

These types of data are easier to analyze and you can apply different statistical tools on it. For instance, you could use the “average value”, to measure where the data is centered, and the “variance” to see the data dispersion. No matter which statistical package you use, it is always easy to calculate the mean and variance of your sample.

Although there are many sophisticated software programs in the market that one may use to handle statistical analysis (for example Stata and SPSS are two of the most popular packages when we come to survey analysis), you can calculate these basic statistics even in Google Sheets which is free and easy to use. MS Excel is an alternative choice which is relatively not expensive but really powerful tools to implement data analysis.

Therefore, SurveyLegend enables you to export your collected data directly to your Google Drive, and open it in Google Sheets; or flawlessly download your data in CSV or Excel formats, to analyse it further using Microsoft Excel and other compatible tools.

In order to investigate the ratio data more, you may use different standard statistical tools e.g. hypothesis test, ANOVA, regression, etc.

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