How to write online survey questions like an expert

Writing online survey questions like an expert

Writing effective survey questions guarantees reliable and accurate survey data. Read, enjoy and share this eGuide on writing perfect survey questions.


How to write online survey questions like an expertIntroduction

Who needs online surveys?

When you are making decisions just for yourself, deciding is normally very easy. But as soon as other people come into the picture, and you have to decide for others, their needs, preferences, limitations, and expectations immediately effect the way you make decisions.

This is when you could really use a survey. Surveys help everyone to make wiser decisions. It doesn’t matter what the question is, how big or how small, or if it has an impact on a personal or public level… In any case, an informed decision is better than a blind one.

Online surveys are amazing, because you can use them for practically anything. When you are planning an event with friends, or when you want to ask your clients about your brand or products. Even if you want to conduct customer satisfaction research, a survey will help you know how others think. Therefore, your decisions will be solid and more bulletproof.

Who needs this guide?

Anyone who is going to make a professional survey with the world’s best online survey tool – SurveyLegend – need the world’s best guide for writing professional survey questions as well. We believe that sharing our expertise with you will ensure that you get reliable data; and accordingly make the world’s best decisions.

However, if you want to become more expert in making online surveys, and apply advanced practices to your surveys, we invite you to follow our Blog, where we continuously post interesting tips and tricks for professional surveys.

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Table of contents


Who needs online surveys?
Who needs this guide?

Getting started

Determine your primary questions
Create survey topic and subtopics

Dos and Don’ts

Rethink how to address your target participants
Be clear and concise
Be humble
Provide a timeframe
Be unbiased, ask unbiased questions
Put your questions in the right order

Different types of questions and responses

Close-ended vs. Open-ended questions
Limit the respondents to single selection
Make sure answers don’t overlap
For scaled questions, use words not numbers
Unipolar vs. bipolar questions
Use Yes/No question carefully
Measuring quantities
Beware when making ranges
Include a way out

Flow and best practices

Require answer to all or critical survey questions
Set input formats
Set Min and Max input values
Randomize choices
Create a question flow that feels natural
Less is more
Titles help, if you can include them

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