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TOP 5 Tools for Live Q&A Event Polling


TOP 5 Tools for Live Q&A Event Polling

Let me start by saying hi! If you have found your way to this article you are looking for the best event polling solution offered online today. I’m the founder of SurveyLegend and yes it’s true, I’m writing about the top 5 Q&A event-polling tools offered, including competitors, on our own blog page. Why? You ask!

Because we believe in fair competition and in the end, the decision is always made by you; maybe our future amazing member 🙂

Let us begin, shall we?

What’s important to think of when deciding on a new live event-polling tool?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right solution for your next live event polling. Here are some:

    • Is the solution device friendly?
    • Is it easy to use?
    • How many can participate at the same time?
    • Does the data update in real time?
    • Does the poll look delightful and beautiful, or just boring and dull?
    • Are the charts shown to presenters and voters in a readable way?
    • Price!
    • Is live support offered?

Let me already say, sorry if I missed any. But you are more than welcome to comment on the article with improvement suggestions.

Here are the TOP 5 Live Q&A Event Polling tools presented

Note that the order these tools are placed in does not represent their importance, rank, or quality. It’s just an order they are placed in, not all can start on the top, so don’t judge the solutions according to that 😉



webshop smart assistant


Polleverywhere offers all features you may need to conduct a Q&A poll at your upcoming event. It works on all devices and is fairly easy to use after spending some time on learning it. Data coming in is updated in real-time and the charts are readable.Polleverywhere offers FAQ material to their free members, email support to $19/m and $79/m subscriptions, phone support is restricted for their $199/m and $499/m subscriptions and in-person support is only offered to their top customers with a price of $1999 or more.

Polleverywhere does not offer unlimited with responses per poll. They offer 25 responses in the free plan. To gain access to more than 25 responses you have to upgrade to their basic plan costing $19/month and allows 50 responses per poll. If you should have a need for 500 responses per poll the price is $499 per month. The bigger the event you have the more it will cost you using Polleverywhere.



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Eventmobi is one of the bigger players in the event market offering all the features you may need and features you will never need. They can tailor the tool to fit your need but that comes with a hefty price tag on it.Their solution is device friendly and there have many integrations with some of the biggest platform available. Ease of use suffers due to the number of features, and you may need the education to get the most out of Eventmobi.

Data collected during an event is updated in real time and the charts look good for all to enjoy. Eventmobi offers FAQ, email support, chat support, phone support.

Eventmobi offers a 14-day free trial, they don’t offer a pricing overview page. Instead, you contact them and they will tailor the tool and price for you. In other words, this is a solution for companies with flexible wallets.



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Presentain offers an interactive presentation and event platform with many features one of them event polls. Ease of use is good and they offer email and live chat support. The responses coming in during the event are updated in real time and the charts look nice.Presentain offers a 7-day free trial and after it, you can pay for a day, week, month or year to use their solution. A good tool if you want to combine your presentation and poll in one.



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OMBEA offers several options for voting during the event. OMBEA not only works with laptops, smartphones, and tablets but is also compatible with remote clickers. Their solution feels outdated due to bad design choices or not updating the solution since it was developed. Whatever the case I don’t like it, but maybe you will.The outdated designs made it hard for me create a Q&A poll but it also took away my joy working with it. Support is offered by email, phone, and live chat.

Charts are updated in real time but the charts look old, as does the rest of the solution.

Pricing is provided by personally contacting them via phone or email. Making it already feel like an expensive experience.



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SurveyLegend is device friendly and easy to use, due to ease of use being one of our main focuses. SurveyLegend offers unlimited with responses with all our plans be it free or paid. Data collected is updated in real time and shown in colorful and readable charts.SurveyLegend offers a forever free plan and three paid plans, the Pro costing as little as $19 per month, Business $39 per month and Legendary $89 per month. We also offer yearly plans saving you 25 %.

Support is offered by FAQ, Email, Live chat, phone or live web meetings. All depends on the users needs and how they decide to come in contact with us.


There is no number one Q&A event polling solution, it all depends on your need and budget.

The solutions mentioned above give you an overview of what’s available at what price and quality. If you are looking for a custom solution for your entire event and have a flexible wallet then Eventmobi is the solution for you; or if you want to have a dedicated survey solution where you can do Q&A events polls and also use the same solution for pre-event surveys and post-event surveys than SurveyLegend is the solution for you.

Are you looking to have a one-day event and have a super right budget then the $3 account with Presentain is the solution for you?

Whatever provider you chose there is no wrong or right, it’s your needs that decide. But what I do recommend is creating an account with all the free account providers and test the solutions for yourself. Don’t let me convince you nor them, let the solutions do the talking 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the article and stay tuned for more honest reviews and insights.
Stay curios and informed!
Best regards, Jasko

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