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Get our Pro subscription for free (worth $170)

As you may have noticed, we recently launched paid subscriptions for SurveyLegend, which come with new professional features and increased flexibility.

We offer four different types of subscriptions to satisfy different user needs. The first subscription level is called Starter, which is totally free and will be so forever! The next three levels are Pro, Business, and Legendary. These are paid subscriptions and offer more functionality and advanced survey features. To make it even more flexible for our users, we offer two types of payment methods, monthly and yearly. If you choose to pay for any subscription on a yearly basis, we give you three months for free.

And finally, all paid subscriptions come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Your Christmas Gift

We have a time limited offer to make your holidays even more legendary! You can get our Pro subscription – worth 170 USD – completely free for a whole year! Redeem your gift NOW, and don’t forget to give legendary gifts to your friends or colleagues 😉

Redeem your gift

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