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Packaging Design Research

SurveyLegend was founded on a few basic principles, such as several thousand of people’s opinions weigh heavier than a few experts’ knowledge; and also a picture says more than 1000 words. The saying stays true when conducting packaging design research.

When creating a new package the packaging design firm focuses on involving the brand managers, product managers, marketing vice president, and other experts, in presenting the vision for the new product.

In a perfect world, their opinion would be enough and the packaging design would be the best ever. But this is not the case, as explained in this amazing article by decisionanalyst.


What can you do as a packaging design company to optimize the success of your customer’s package?

There are several actions you can take, one of them being a quantitative packaging design survey. Creating a survey where you present all design ideas to a focused respondent group that the package intends to sell to is one of the core steps to maximizing the success of the product.

Using SurveyLegend and its “Media gallery” question type, is the quickest and best way to fast and precise feedback collecting.

We even offer the option to randomize the pictures every time a respondent enters the packaging design survey, minimize the biases.

Doing a quantitative package design survey is one of the most important actions you as a designer can take to improve a package’s success. More strategic suggestions are presented in this article from decisionanalyst.

Stay curious and informed!
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