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Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

Online Survey Market Research Trends for 2022 (+ 7 Survey Considerations)

Online surveys continue to be a powerful tool for market researchers. Of course, they’re also popular with just about anyone else who wants to gauge the pulse of the...

Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Research, Survey Examples

How to Use Surveys at Different Customer Stages

Getting to know your customers is critical for any business. By understanding them, you’re more likely to keep them! Of course, getting their business is the first step. There...

Research, Survey Examples

What is Research Design? (Plus 12 Key Elements for Survey Research)

A lot of thought needs to go into the creation of any survey. This way, you’re more likely to get the most accurate results and the best response rates...

COVID, Employee Surveys, Healthcare, Research, Survey Questions

What Is Healthcare Burnout? (+ Using Healthcare Surveys to Monitor Stress Levels)

Healthcare worker burnout is not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that is growing (and evolving) quickly.  The term was introduced in the early 1970s, characterized by “a state...

Data Types, Online Survey, Research, Survey Examples

What is a Cross-Sectional Survey and Why Should I Use One?

Are you in retail, healthcare, education, psychology, or marketing? Looking for a fast way to collect a large amount of data? Then you may want to consider a cross-sectional...

Online Survey, Politics, Research, Survey Questions

10 Steps for Conducting a Community Survey (and Who Should Conduct Them)

Back in 2017, a Kansas City community survey revealed that residents were unhappy with the city’s aging infrastructure. Acting on this, city officials proposed a pricey repair plan. Residents...

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