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24 Questions to Ask Buyers or Sellers on Real Estate Surveys

As a Realtor, you don’t get paid for showing properties or simply creating a listing. So, you want to make this part of your job as quick and easy...

Branding, Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

5 Ways to Use Surveys To Improve Customer Engagement

Are you actively engaging with your customers? Today, nearly 55% of customers think companies need to transform how they engage, and almost 65% of customers expect tailored engagements that...

Online Survey, Research, Sampling

What is Cluster Sampling and Why is it Important?

Need to survey a large segment of the population but short on time and money? Enter cluster sampling, the time- and cost-effective way to gather data across a geographical...

Data Types, Online Survey, Research, Survey Examples, Survey Questions

7 Considerations for Nominal vs Ordinal Data (+ Interval vs Ratio Data)

Are you the type of person who works better with a bit of freedom and the ability to “shoot from the hip”? Or do you like things done in...

Branding, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

7 Ways To Avoid Rebranding Mistakes (Plus Top Rebranding Failures & Successes)

Summer, 1985. Mikhail Gorbachev has just come into power. Back to the Future hits theaters. And Coca-Cola releases “New Coke” to combat dwindling sales. The consumer backlash over the...

Branding, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

25 Great Branding Resources for Marketers (Including Branding Surveys)

You know their logos. You know their names. Nike tells you to “just do it,” while Apple tells you to “think different.” This is all part of a branding...

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