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How Online Survey Scams Work and 7 Ways to Spot Them

Are online surveys legit? It’s a fair question. While there are many reputable online survey companies, there are also scammers looking to harm people or businesses in one way...

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8 Online Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

With employees working from home in record numbers due to coronavirus, it’s time to consider the best remote team collaboration tools.

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How to Prevent Cheating on Your Surveys + Best Practices and Examples

So you’ve sent out a survey and now you’ve collected participant responses. Time to start analyzing and reporting on your data, right? Not so fast! It’s best to take...

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How to Write GDPR-proof Privacy Policy for your Surveys (with examples)

Create your GDPR Compliant survey, form, or poll now! As we explained in this article about GDPR-compliant surveys, an important part of having a GDPR-compliant survey is having a...

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Your Ultimate Guide on How to Make GDPR-proof Surveys or Forms (with Examples)

Create your GDPR Compliant survey, form, or poll now!   If you are creating forms or surveys for a business which is based in the European Union (EU), or...

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How to protect your survey with a password, passcode, or secret word

Create your free password-protected survey now! hen you make a survey with our tool, you’ll get a link which can be shared with anyone, posted on social media, or...