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5 Teacher Survey Benefits + 30 Teacher Survey Questions

We really can learn a lot from teachers – and, maybe it’s time we started listening. A recently released MetLife survey reveals that teacher satisfaction across the country is...

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7 Best Practices for Your Next Alumni Survey

An online voting system for your organization offers many benefits, and online ballot security has greatly improved.

Education, Online Survey, Survey Examples

15 Student Survey Questions to Ask About COVID

Student surveys are a great way for educators to get feedback. Here are 15 school survey questions to ask when creating a COVID survey for students.

Education, Online Survey, Survey Examples

How To Use Student Surveys (Even During COVID)

Student surveys administered by teachers can serve many purposes. They help gauge teaching effectiveness, student-teacher relationships, the classroom climate, and more. They’re also useful during unusual or challenging times,...

Education, Online Survey, Survey Examples

Why Getting Student Survey Feedback is So Important

Get your discount now! We know, there are a lot of student survey tools for teachers and educators. Plus the answers you get could be overly simple – such...

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Schools Should Collect Student Feedback! Don’t Guess, Know What Your Students Want Using Online Surveys

sch Create your free survey, form or poll now   Don’t guess ask for student feedback Schools and educational institutions are the foundation of our societies intellectual growth, from...