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How to Conduct a Church Survey (+40 Essential Questions)

Considering a church survey? With membership in houses of worship continuing to decline (church membership fell below the majority for the first time in 2020, to 47%, down from...

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What Is Healthcare Burnout? (+ Using Healthcare Surveys to Monitor Stress Levels)

Healthcare worker burnout is not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that is growing (and evolving) quickly.  The term was introduced in the early 1970s, characterized by “a state...

Employee Surveys, Survey Questions

20 Types of Questions to Ask on an Interview Questionnaire & Benefits of Using One

Interviewing for a new position can be a time-consuming task for human resources managers. Using nearly 85,000 interview reviews to come to a conclusion, employment resource Glassdoor reports that...

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5 Types of Leading Questions with Examples + How They Differ From Loaded Questions

Have you ever created a survey with questions designed to subtly nudge a recipient in one direction or another? Or, have you ever taken a survey and felt boxed...

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10 Steps for Conducting a Community Survey (and Who Should Conduct Them)

Back in 2017, a Kansas City community survey revealed that residents were unhappy with the city’s aging infrastructure. Acting on this, city officials proposed a pricey repair plan. Residents...

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7 Considerations for Mask & Vaccination Surveys

As the threat of COVID-19 and its variants linger, discussions abound around the topics of masks and vaccinations. While different countries are instituting different rules and regulations surrounding wearing...

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