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24 Questions to Ask Buyers or Sellers on Real Estate Surveys

As a Realtor, you don’t get paid for showing properties or simply creating a listing. So, you want to make this part of your job as quick and easy...

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7 Considerations for Nominal vs Ordinal Data (+ Interval vs Ratio Data)

Are you the type of person who works better with a bit of freedom and the ability to “shoot from the hip”? Or do you like things done in...

Employee Surveys, Online Survey, Survey Examples, Survey Questions

What is DEI and How Do You Create a DEI Survey?

Today’s workforce is evolving, and now, diversity is more important than ever. Generation Z has begun making their mark in the workplace, and they are the most diverse generation...

Survey Examples, Survey Questions

5 Reasons to Ask Survey Screening Questions

Screening questions for surveys are very important. Here’s a look at some common types of Screening questions and why you need to be using them.

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How To Make a Fun Survey

Surveys are a great way to gather research and information from the general public or a specific target audience. The results can be used to validate or debunk theories,...

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How To Use an Employee Experience Survey To Improve the Workplace

Who doesn’t love pizza paydays, standing desks, nap pods, and “bring your dog to work day”? Many companies have initiated these types of perks in order to improve the...

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