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How to Use Open-Ended Questions on Surveys with Examples

How are you doing? What are you feeling? When are we leaving? You probably ask things like these quite often, and all three have something in common: Each is...

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How Relationship Surveys Work & Questions to Ask (with Examples)

Relationships: there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some relationships are rocky, while some are smooth sailing. They may be broken but fixable, or completely beyond repair. Either...

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How Online Survey Scams Work and 7 Ways to Spot Them

Are online surveys legit? It’s a fair question. While there are many reputable online survey companies, there are also scammers looking to harm people or businesses in one way...

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How to Create an Employee Benefits Survey + 7 Tips

Nearly 50% of American workers say they are very satisfied with their current job, and another 30% are somewhat satisfied. The remainder report being either somewhat dissatisfied or very...

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Are Surveys Quantitative or Qualitative?

Researchers and marketers collecting data through surveys typically break down their results into two different categories: quantitative data and qualitative data. So what is the difference between each form...

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How to Create Free Surveys for Nonprofit Organizations + Examples and Questions

NPS surveys let you know where you stand with customers, but they have to be done right. Here are ten NPS survey best practices.