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Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Questions

How to Use Open-Ended Survey Questions +25 Examples

When you have questions and need answers, a survey is a surefire way to go! Crafting your survey questions correctly is key to getting a better response rate. However,...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Examples, Survey Questions

How to Increase Participation in an Employee Engagement Survey

Do your employees feel valued? Are your employees being challenged? Is an employee looking to jump ship? These are all great employee engagement survey questions to ask (and we’ll...

Customer Insight, NPS, Online Survey, Survey Questions

5 Reasons to Conduct a Customer Experience Survey +20 Survey Questions

Are customers happy with your product or service? Are they happy enough to tell others about it? How do they actually feel about your brand? These are all questions...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Examples

6 Great Survey Incentives and How They Can Boost Response Rates

One of the biggest challenges researchers face when conducting a survey is getting responses. They may craft a great survey, ask all the right questions, and send it out...

Customer Insight, Survey Questions

How to Ask a Sensitive Question on a Survey

When asking someone a sensitive question, some people take a very blunt approach, tackling the topic head-on. However, most of us tend to tiptoe around the topic before delicately...

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Brand Tracking Surveys

Brand tracking measures how the public perceives your brand over time. There are various brand tracking methods and five major benefits.