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Customer Insight, Online Survey, Survey Questions

How To Make a Fun Survey

Surveys are a great way to gather research and information from the general public or a specific target audience. The results can be used to validate or debunk theories,...

Customer Insight, Event, Online Survey, Survey Questions

How To Use an Employee Experience Survey To Improve the Workplace

Who doesn’t love pizza paydays, standing desks, nap pods, and “bring your dog to work day”? Many companies have initiated these types of perks in order to improve the...

Branding, Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

25 Great Branding Resources for Marketers (Including Branding Surveys)

You know their logos. You know their names. Nike tells you to “just do it,” while Apple tells you to “think different.” This is all part of a branding...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

7 Signs That It’s Time To Find a New Online Survey Company

When it’s time to send out a marketing research survey or just a company questionnaire, you have a lot of options. Of course, sometimes the most obvious solution may...

Customer Experience, Customer Insight

25 Great Customer Experience Resources for Marketers (Including Surveys)

There’s a motto in the eCommerce world that says, “customer is king.” Today, these customers have many avenues when it comes to shopping, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or...

Customer Insight, Online Survey, Research

How To Create a SMART Survey Design

Creating a survey takes time and effort – if you expect to get results. There are many things to consider, such as the look and feel of the survey,...

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