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The Legendary Postcard, More Than Just a Postcard!



A Postcard Made with Legendary Love :)

Everyday postcards are sent all around the world from friends, family and loved ones, wanting to show that they are thinking of you. We at SurveyLegend find sending postcards to be a very cute way of saying thank you, and showing that we are thinking of you too.

One day, when we took a coffee-break from coding and designin our survey solution, Robert (our talented CTO) talked about how he had gotten a really nice postcard from one of his friends abroad. Robert was really talking with lots of passion about his friend and the postcard, so much that I (Jasko) wasn’t able to forget about it.

The next morning when I arrived at the office, my first words where; “Guys, we’re gonna do our own unique custom postcards!”
Kiarokh and Robert looked at me, looked at each other and just said smilingly: “Yes we are!”

Some times ideas simply comes from everyday situations, and we would love to receive ideas on new features from you legends. If you have a feature-idea please use our feature form and wish the feature you would love to see in our survey solution.

Designing and Printing the Legendary Postcards

Kiarokh our very skilled designer and illustrator was given the noble task to design a postcard that would make the recipient smile :) It’s not a hard task when we have such a cool mascot but still it takes some skill to create the perfect postcard to represent SurveyLegend. We are super happy with the outcome and we hope you also like what you see :) it’s truly made with love, as is our survey solution. See a picture I took from Kiarokh, designing away at the postcard. That’s a focused designer, isn’t he :D

When Kiarokh was working on the postcard

The reason behind the legendary postcard can’t yet be disclosed so keep visiting our blog or following us on our social media and we promise to explain everything to you. Soon, very soon :)

Thanks for being Legends,
We love you guys <3

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