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Sending Our Very First Gifts To Show Gratitude To Our Most Loyal Legends



Showing Gratitude To Our Most Loyal Legends one Yo-Yo And Hand Written Postcard At The Time

We here at SurveyLegend are happy to be able to share this joyful day with you all, and finally be able to revile why we created our Legendary Yo-Yo and postcard. The journey started when we decided to create a give away gift to our most loyal SurveyLegend family members, our paying users (our family). To all our free users we love you as much, but it’s thanks to the paying customers we at SurveyLegend can still exist and you can enjoy our free account for ever and ever :)

It’s humbling sitting down as a team writing to our amazing family members all around our beautifully world thanking them for being paying Legends. We are proud to be able to solve their and your every day feedback need with our mobile ready survey solution. For use here at SurveyLegend being close with our users is utterly important, this act of gratitude is done from the bottom of our hearts, we hope the gift makes them smile and laugh when days are slow and the weather is gray.

A big thanks to everyone for making this day possible,
We love you all <3

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