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How Small Businesses Conduct Surveys

Are you looking for one of the top survey companies to help your business collect data and opinions from its customers? SurveyLegend is a survey research company that stands apart as an effective, economical, and easy-to-use solution for online business surveys.

On the other hand, you might be wondering: “What do I need to use online survey research companies for?” or “Why would I need to conduct a business survey? My business is perfect already!” Well, the truth of the matter is that online surveys can be an incredibly important tool for small businesses (and an indispensable one for big businesses).

Here’s a quick explanation of why survey software is important for small businesses.

The Importance of Survey Software for Small Businesses

It’s all too easy to underestimate the value of a business survey. However, in today’s data-driven world, online survey companies fill a critical niche for businesses of all sizes and budgets—collecting the data they need to hone their products/services, identify potential issues, and identify shifts in public opinion so future strategies can take them into account.

No business is too small to ignore the potential benefits of knowing what its customers think. For example, a one-person operation shipping small, handmade knickknacks out of their garage could easily benefit from surveying customers about things like:

  • The condition of their products on arrival;
  • How satisfied customers are with the product at its current price point;
  • What customers would like to change/improve about the product; and
  • How likely the customer is to order again in the future.

Having access to a survey ballot software tool can make it easy for a business to get the feedback it needs to stay competitive—especially during tough economic times. As noted by America’s SBDC, “Surveys are a proven method of connecting with customers to get feedback that will help you understand how the customer thinks and feels about your product.”

Regardless of your specific industry or vertical, having insight into your customers’ thoughts about your products/services is vital for retaining customers. After all, if there’s a problem, and nobody tells you about it, how can you fix it so that you don’t lose business?

How SurveyLegend Helps with Small Business Surveys

SurveyLegend offers a ton of tools and features to help small businesses conduct effective surveys at an affordable cost. With four pricing tiers ranging from free to $65/month (when billed annually), there’s a survey service for every business budget.

For example, on the free online business survey plan, you get:

  • Unlimited questions and responses per survey;
  • The ability to create surveys on your computer or tablet;
  • Easy drag-and-drop survey creation;
  • Your choice of comment box or multiple choice surveys (among others);
  • Likert scale survey support;
  • The ability to insert and use pictures in surveys (up to six per survey);
  • Options to skip, hide, or show logic for your survey;
  • Professionally-designed themes (including ones optimized for mobile device display);
  • Data analytics tools (including live analytics and pie/donut/bar charts); and
  • Strong TLS encryption and other GDPR-compliant security controls that protect your data (and your customers’ data).

These are just a few of the features available on the free plan. Paid versions of our business survey tool add other features for integrating with other software programs, setting notifications, and sharing/exporting survey data.

What People Are Saying about Our Survey Company

So, what are people actually saying about SurveyLegend? Are they extolling our virtues as one of the top survey companies? Here are a few excerpts from customer reviews featured on Capterra:

  • Sara A. Said That SurveyLegend Was: “Easier to use than bigger brands.” She highlighted that the drag and drop function was a major pro for ease of use for her. Additionally, she said that SurveyLegend provided a “better bang for the buck” compared to other online survey companies.
  • Giselle K. Said That SurveyLegend Had: “[A] great trial and no trying to upgrade every minute” like some other survey research companies. Another major pro for Giselle was that she could “get help chat to help on questions” when needed.
  • Jessica L. Called SurveyLegend: “[The] best survey tool for companies.” She praised the intuitive design of our surveys and how it made people “more willing to answer a series of questions.”

Overall, our business survey solution ranks highly for customer service (4.5 out of 5) and ease of use (4.7 out of 5) on Capterra, with praise like “SurveyLegend enables me to make beautiful and engaging polls” and “[It’s] easy to design a survey with a variety of question types” being common.

Are you ready to capture the survey data you need to capture and retain loyal customers? Reach out to the SurveyLegend team today! Or, start a free trial now!

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