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We’ve got our Extended Validation Certificate

We have always used secure SSL encrypted communication with you, from the first day SurveyLegend went live. However, to prove the high level of security and create more trust, we have recently upgraded to an Extended Validation Certificate (EV).

What is an Extended Validation Certificate?

Only a legally recognized and trusted company can achieve an Extended Validation Certificate. To get one, a valid Extended Validation Certificate issuer entity has to investigate and certify that everything is legitimate with the company. It is a difficult and time consuming process, but it makes sure that everything is in order.

You can easily see which sites have true Extended Validation Certificates, by the presence of Extended Validation Trustbar Indicators, which appears in the browser’s address bar, just like in the image above. Each browser shows the Extended Validation Certificated in a different way. However, usually a green box accompanied with a lock icon indicates this certificate.

In addition, the “HTTPS” letters in the beginning of the address shows that we are using SSL Encryption.

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