Our name

SurveyLegend is one word, and always should be spelled with capital “S” and “L”. When using our name inside a piece of text, it is totally fine to simply type it and it does not have to look like our wordmark. You do not have to include the registered trademark ® sign in your written text, but if you do, we will be very happy and appreciate it. However, please try to include the trademark sign in the main headings and titles.


A joy to get insight

Logotype (Wordmark)

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SurveyLegend’s wordmark (logotype) is custom-made, so there is no font that can be used to create it. You have to download it in one of the available formats to be able to use it. SurveyLegend Logo (sign) It is OK to use solid colors for the wordmark if you wish to change the color to fit into the supporting design. But you are not allowed to use any sorts of gradients for the color. Just remember that the registered trademark (®) sign is a part of our wordmark and should always be with it.

SurveyLegend’s logo (sign) is a red gem containing a white checkmark, surrounded by a beautiful blue stroke. SurveyLegend Logotype (wordmark) Surveys are all about people’s opinions (ideas, votes, choices, thoughts, preferences, feedback, etc…) These opinions are like precious gems; and there are many who need this invaluable information. However, when these opinions are buried deep down somewhere that no one can reach or notice, they have no value.

SurveyLegend finds, collects, and presents these sought-after opinions to you like beautifully polished gems.
When presenting SurveyLegend apps, use this app icon instead of our normal logo. We use the same app icon on all platforms. SurveyLegend App Icon


⋅ Standard Lockup

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This is our standard lockup. When you are in doubt, use this version.SurveyLegend Logotype and Logo (Standard Lockup)

⋅ Standard Lockup 2

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This is our second standard lockup. When you don’t want to show the tagline, use this version.SurveyLegend Logotype and Logo (Standard Lockup with no tagline)

⋅ Alternative Lockup

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When your layout doesn’t allow using horizontal space, you can use this lockup.

SurveyLegend Logotype and Logo (Alternative Lockup) - for vertical layouts

⋅ Stand alone

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Use this version only if SurveyLegend’s name or Wordmark is clearly visible or presented in the design or the page where you want to place it. SurveyLegend Logo (sign) - for stand alone use

⋅ Clearspace and minimum size

Please respect our logos and let them breathe. Provide a minimum space around the wordmark and logo. The minimum clear space around them should be not less than the height of the letter “S” in the wordmark. Padding guides for providing minimum clearspace in horizontal layouts Padding guides for providing minimum clearspace in vertical layouts Additionally, when used in printing, the letter “S” should be at least 0.2 inches (0.5 centimeter) in height.

⋅ Placement

When using our trademarks in graphic communications like print, newspapers, billboards, or web banners, align the trademarks to one of the four corners of the frame. Always include enough clear-space on all sides of the trademarks. SurveyLegend lockup placement alternatives for graphic communications In case of space limitations, align the trademark to the center of the frame. SurveyLegend lockup placement alternatives in vertical layouts
Legal notice

SSL/TLS Encryption By using SurveyLegend™ brand materials, you agree to the SurveyLegend terms, these branding guidelines, and all SurveyLegend rules and policies, as may be updated from time to time.

You also acknowledge that SurveyLegend is the sole owner of SurveyLegend trademarks, promise not to interfere with SurveyLegend's rights in them, and acknowledge that goodwill derived from their use accrues only to SurveyLegend.

SurveyLegend may review use of the branding materials at any time and reserves the right to terminate or modify any use.

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