Whether you are new here, or you have been our friend for a while, you know there’s something very special about SurveyLegend. Here we try to explain what makes us so special, and give you the means to evaluate and understand our brand.


Do you know how we find the way? We have a compass, with several pointers on it. One for quality, one for ease of use, one for beauty, one for privacy, one for users’ needs. When they all point in one direction, we go there.


⋅ Quality

From design to single lines of codes, we stand for quality. We intend to make the fastest and most optimized survey application on the planet! We “invest” lots of time on details; on details so small that some might never even be noticed.

⋅ Simple & easy

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and less is more. Ease of use is what makes us special. We focus on user experience and if we can’t make it easy enough to use we don’t make it at all! For every need, anyone can quickly make a feature. But for us, it’s about making the feature in a way so that everyone can use it, without hassle. So, we wait. We sketch. We design. We test. We re-design. Until it gets as perfect as it can. Then we present it to you to enjoy.

⋅ Dynamic & optimistic

We are fun, happy, confident, spirited and crazy. We believe that the world is becoming a better place to live. We want to put a smile on the face of every person visiting SurveyLegend. We want you to have peace of mind, when you get your legendary work done. And we hope to inspire you to do the same!

⋅ Creative & futuristic

Th future is ours. We feel it coming, and we form it as much as we can, before it arrives. We follow innovations, new technologies, and trends, and try to invent what’s needed to make them pleasurable and more useful in the future.

Tone of voice

When you talk about us, you should try to reflect the spirit of SurveyLegend. Keep the principles of our identity in mind, when writing about us, or introducing us to others.

⋅ Confident & bold

We talk with today’s language, and get right to the point. When we make statements, we keep them short and easy to understand.

⋅ Dynamic & simple

While we are dealing with advanced stuff, we try to avoid explaining in a boring and formal way. When talking about us, explain things with simplicity.

⋅ Human

We are friendly, sympathetic, and humble dudes. We are real! No corporate speak, fancy words or jargon here. We are not sitting in an impenetrable castle, protected by guards, money and power.
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