Our third update and nifty new features


Hey Legends!
Thanks to our amazing users, friends and families, we keep getting more and more awesome every day! Thanks for your bug reports, big support, and awesome feature requests! We do our best to make things happen, in the most user friendly way possible. The number of our amazing users is increasing with the speed of a rocket – and it feels so great!

And here are the new updates, keep reading and please spread the love:



New survey featuresOur third update and brand new survey features 😀

Required answersSlider ratings scale questions

Our brand new interactive “slider ratings scale” gives researchers the opportunity to produce questions and answers styles that incorporate a greater breadth of answers. You simply get more ways of asking questions with scaled answers.
By offering the possibility to slide a bar on an attractive visual line, surveyors can improve the usability of their online surveys, and also receive more nuanced responses from participants.

Smart fields

With this update, we are introducing some smart fields. Smart fields have the intelligence to verify the data that your participants put in, before they submit the survey to you. If the provided data is wrong, they cannot submit the survey. This ensures more quality in collected survey data.

Enable other choiceSmart field: Email

The Email smart field is designed for you who want to keep in touch with your survey participants in the future. You may want to send them the results of your survey; or perhaps you want to collect this data to identify your participants,  keep them posted with news and updates, or to send them rewards for completing your survey.

So the email smart field helps you make sure that lazy participants don’t just type random letters to simply get past this question. Also it helps the participants to avoid and correct their typos. For example, if they type my-email@gmailcom (which means they have forgotten to type the dot before “com”), the survey gives them a clear visual feedback. Only emails which have the right format can pass the verification, and therefore you assure the quality of collected results.

MediaSmart field: Name

The same thing happens with Name fields. It only allows characters that are used in names. So people can’t type numbers or special characters, like @ symbols, that are not used in names. Additionally, this field is smart enough to work with any language, not just Western languages. So, enjoy and use it as best you can!


UI / UX updatesBug fixes

  • More accurate calculations in the environmental diagrams.
  • Fixed a bug that could bring back an empty third choice for Multiple selections, Single selection, Dropdown, and Multiple text boxes, when re-entering the edit mode after deleting the choice.
  • Statistic of Unknown places are more precise now, in Live analytics.



UI / UX updatesUI / UX updates

  • Layout enhancements in the mobile versions of our surveys.
  • Layout and visual enhancements for the slider used to increase amount of stars.
  • Small layout enhancements in our website, for a more responsive UI experience on mobile phones.



We do hope that you enjoy these new survey features, and use them to create even better online surveys. We would really appreciate if you spread the word about us to other legends like yourself!

If you find any bugs please let us know, and if you have any feedback or feature requests, don’t hesitate to tell us. We will always prioritize our users’ wishes in our development plans.

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