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In-Store Survey and Research


In-store survey and research

Weather you are a local story or a global franchise collecting in-store feedback, creating an in-store survey it’s a great step to improving customer experience in a store with the help of your own customers’ feedback.

Asking your customer for their feedback with the help of an in-store survey helps you collect accurate, in-the-moment results. It enables you to interact with the customer instantly after a purchase is made or even get the chance to interact with them before a purchase has been done.

You can always email out a survey to your audience later when they leave the sotre. But most probably they have already forgotten the specific experience they had when they where in the store. Getting their feedback as they are experiencing your shop is invaluable, making it impossible to replicate with a survey you email or share through social media.

In-store research has several great advantages:

  • In-store surveys are not expensive to conduct. You need survey software like the one we offer here at SurveyLegend, a tablet and a stand to place the tablet on.
  • The feedback collected is updated in real-time making it easer for you to analyze the results and act on it.
  • In-store surveys help collect feedback in the store as the customer is experiencing the products, environment and service, making the feedback invaluable.
  • Having an in-store survey helps the customer feel more appreciated and be sure that their voice is heard.
  • This can increate the customers satisfaction with your brand or the brand in question.

Creating an in-store survey

Creating an in-store survey and research the feedback collected is easy and not at all expensive. Start of by registering an free account with us here at SurveyLegend. When you have done that read our step by step guide of how to create a kiosk mode survey, and thats it.

We proud ourselves on having great support. If you need help, don’t hesitate to use our friendly live chat support, phone support or email support team.

Stay curios and informed!
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