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The legend just became more awesome


Hi legends!
The legend just became more awesome, SurveyLegend has just been updated. Below is a short overview of added features, enhancements and improvements to the site and the app.

  • SurveyLegend has become a native Google Chrome app. You can add it to your Google Chrome apps and simply start using it with no hassle.
  • Fixed a bug in the Google login function, which effected users that registered using their gmail and then started using Google to login when that option became available. This was causing users to login but not being able to create surveys or access their previously created surveys.
  • Added a link shortening service to the share page which automatically generates a link that are around 50% shorter than before, to make it even easier and more elegant sharing surveys.
  • Added a new interactive landing page to our website, designed exclusively for mobile phones.
  • Optimized SVGs and PNGs in SurveyLegend app and also in the website, for even faster loading.
  • Resolved a bug that kept Safari users logged in.
  • Included visual tips to make it easier for new users to navigate through survey creation steps.
  • Added explanation text for the survey start button on the Welcome Page and the Submit Survey button in survey creation to make it more clear that it is possible to edit the button labels.
  • And lots of other technical enhancements, visual optimizations, and small bug removals.

Thank you all. Please keep giving us your great feedback, and stay tuned for further updates.
You’re the best!


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