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SurveyLegend’s animated video

The animated video

Hi legends,
We have been working for some time on a cool animated video, and now its ready to be revealed to the rest of the world. Enjoy it, and share your joy with others!

We love you guys <3

Big thanks to all our users, friends and family.
p.s. don’t forget to rate it ;)



About the Author
I eventually grew up after painting on many walls, getting too many scars, watching loads of animated movies, taking care of lots of injured animals, and inventing crazy strategies to bypass the "dictatorship" of the adults, and got a B.A. in Psychology. Shortly after, I grew up a bit more and got two M.A. degrees in art & design. Today, after growing up slightly more, I realize that I've been working with many companies and brilliant people, inventing new tech solutions, designing & coding cool stuff, making cute illustrations; while still truly enjoying, loving, and adoring the mother nature and all amazing cuddly creatures out there.