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Kiarokh Moattar

After painting on the walls, asking loads of crazy questions, many times of breaking my bones, and watching too many animated movies, I eventually grew up and got a B.A. in Clinical Psychology. Shortly after, I grew up a bit more & got one M.A. in Illustration, and another one in Visual Culture. Today together with my fellow legends, I'm doing my best to make you word's best online survey app, while designing stuff at Sony Mobile, and also my own company, Tiny Little Monsters.

Enjoy the power of Logic & Branching, Get Embed Codes in a Second, and Design Your Surveys Like a Professional Designer

Enjoy the power of Logic & Branching, Get Embed Codes in a Second, and Design Your Surveys Like a Professional Designer. We did lots of performance improvements and a few bug fixes.
Hi friends! This is our biggest update evar! Even if it doesn’t look like that. But we’ve been putting our souls, our days, and our nights, to bring you something amazing. We rewrote many parts of our code and redesigned, to be able to release this version in its best form, for you, our dear user, who truly deserve it. This version enables you to create intelligent surveys or forms that react to your respondent’s answers. Continue reading & spread the <3!

New survey featuresNew Features:


survey logic and branching iconConditional logic and branching

We’re super excited to introduce you our brand new logic editor; and we are confident that this would be easiest-to-use and the most powerful one in the entire online survey market! As usual, we started with the user experience in mind, and did our best to design a system that can do a lot, without putting too much pressure on the user. Dividing a questionnaire into several branches, and adding conditional logic to it can be quite complicated. Specially when you offer lots of features, as we do. However, we believe that we’ve designed a pretty nice solution for it.

By adding logic flows for a questionnaire, you can practically program it to observe how a respondent answers certain questions, and then based on their answers, for example skip to a page or to another question further ahead in the questionnaire. You can also tell your survey to automatically show or hide certain parts of the questionnaire, if a respondents answers in a specific way.

Learn more about logic and branching.

Embed surveyAuto generated embed code

Now right inside the “Share step”, you can get an auto generated iFrame code, if you intend to embed your survey into a website or blog post. Simply copy the code, and paste it into the HTML source of the page.

It’s also possible to create forms such as contact forms or registration forms, using SurveyLegend and easily embed them into your WordPress or Joomla site. The great thing about it is that you do no need to install any additional plugins or add-ons on your website.

survey themesLots of new themes

We’ve added a ton of new themes to make your surveys even more astonishing and beautiful.

Our themes are pre designed by professional designers who have made sure that both the look & feel and readability of text works alright, using the right font on the right background, with the best mood and font size for each typography.

Our pre-designed themes come with different styles for visual elements, fonts and colors; but you can always choose to customize them as you wish.

customize survey themesCustomize your theme

In this release we’ve made it possible to customize each theme, and make it truly yours. We added several customization features that help you tweak the design, and make it reflect the visual identity of your brand.

Here is a list of what’s new in this release:

find survey themesSearchable themes

From now on, you can find a theme, simply by searching for relevant keyword. For example, you can search for keywords such as “light”, “dark”, “happy”, “cute”, etc., or look for color names, objects or even places.

We will keep enhancing this feature, so that you find the theme you may like, much faster and easier.

fonts for surveysChange typography

The newly added typography option allows you to change the font style of your questions. We have created a hand-picked list of fonts with both “readability” and “aesthetics” in mind. So we have made sure that the fonts we present to you can be easily read by the wast majority of the respondents.

Feel free to choose one that works best with your intended look & feel.

survey font sizeAdjust font size

Some fonts may require a larger font size to be easily readable on any device, and some may look better with smaller font sizes. Therefore we have added this feature which allows you to tweak the font size.

When deciding for the font sizes, always think about your audience group first, not just what looks best! For example, if you are surveying elderly people, they might need larger font sizes to read the text easier, while students can read smaller fonts much easier. Also if you display a survey in kiosk-mode on a tablet at your shop, make sure people who are passing by can read the text easily.

branded surveysChoose your color palette

Choosing a unique color palette will help you create a branded custom theme.

In a questionnaire, certain visual elements such as checkboxes, progress bars, radio buttons, buttons, etc., will get affected by the color palettes that you choose for your theme.

dark or light survey themesTweak the look & feel using moods

It’s now possible to change the general mood of your survey. Sometimes a dark look and feel may seem more exclusive, or simply work better with some backgrounds. While in other cases a light look and feel may make your questionnaire look more friendly or more spacey.

Also, whenever you think a more conventional look and feel works better, simply use the Classic mood. The Classic mood adds a white paper-like background under your survey questions, which can enhance the readability of question texts.

surveys with blurred backgroundEasily make blurred backgrounds

Now simply by toggling a button, you can give your backgrounds a beautiful blur effect.

The blur effect increases readability of question texts. Therefore, we recommend you to enable this setting, specially if you are using the Dark or the Light mood for your custom theme, because displaying text on a sharp background with bad contrast may make it hard to read.

UI / UX updatesUX / UI updates

  • We’ve made many changes in the interface of our app, to make the experience more flawless and friendlier than ever.
  • Lots of improvements and micro interactions. You’ll simply enjoy our app more thanks to improvements that are so delicate that you can easily ignore them. But they’re there ;).
  • Survey themes are now searchable by keywords.

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Get feedback

Get feedback

Get feedback, to learn and grow

Getting feedback can sometimes be experienced as ‘stressful’ or ‘irritating’. This is why we often hesitate to get feedback from others. As experts mention in “Find the Coaching in Criticism”, published at Harvard Business Review, “Even when you know that [feedback is] essential to your development and you trust that the person delivering it wants you to succeed, it can activate psychological triggers. You might feel misjudged, ill-used, and sometimes threatened to your very core.”

But according to the same article, the good news is that you can easily overcome this psychological states of mind and become a better receiver, simply by asking for feedback more often, and by applying the a few useful tips in the feedback collection process, which will be described further down.

Before starting to collect feedback, keep in mind that according to experts, those who clearly seek critical feedback tend to get higher performance ratings. One reason is of course because of the nature of getting feedback and becoming better. But also, when you ask for feedback, you not only understand how others see you, you also change the way they see you! Just the act of collecting feedback makes people trust and respect you more; and helps you create a better image of yourself for them.

Consider these handy tips, when you get feedback

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Instagram rebrand disappointed many users, couldn’t a simple survey save them?

rank pictures

Yes, we all have seen it! Instagram has recently launched a new visual identity. They have changed their app’s interface, made it more ‘simplified’ as they describe it, or if you ask me, they made it just much ‘whiter’.

But what created most of the hype about Instagram’s new look and feel, was an entirely different, unexpected, and very poor design for Instagram’s app icon.

Of course the company celebrated the new change with a blog post, newsletter emails, a nice video, followed by a ton of articles written by third parties.

But if you do a little research and read users’ comments and reactions under the mentioned posts, you’ll notice a totally different narration than what they officially try to communicate.

Why do many dislike the new change?

Some say that people don’t like changes. They get used to things and tend to stick to the way things are. This might be the case for some of the negative reactions about Instagram’s new look and feel; but there are many design experts who have clear reasons to explain why this was a bad design decision.

Well, the original icon had a skeuomorphic style, which is generally considered to be not good when used in symbols, logos, and icons. It’s true; and these days, it’s a particularly popular design trend as well. You may have heard the general term “flat design” used to describe the relatively recent interfaces which have a very simplistic look and feel with minimal amount of details.

One of the major things that Instagram’s design team has done is converting that old skeuomorphic design of their app icon, to a very simplified and abstract glyph shape, which still can be recognized as a camera. So far so good, and honestly the glyph does have a decent graphical appearance. However, what makes it very disappointing is their choice of using that gradient fill with so many variations of colors, which are not necessarily that appealing together.

Practically, gradients are very hard to handle and reproduce, especially in printing, and in grayscale or black & white versions of logos and signs. Therefore, gradients are almost always avoided by professional logo designers. But the color combination and these practical issues are not the main problems with their choice of gradient; as Instagram lives majorly on colorful high-end screens, rather than papers and packages. Nevertheless, the main problems is that they have simply taken away the entire visual identity of the well known and recognizable brand.

It seems that their design team have been aware of the fact because this is what Instagram mentions briefly about their change in the App Store:
Instagram's release notes on App Store
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Create surveys in right-to-left languages, enjoy 2 other new features & many enhancements

rank pictures

New update, right-to-left language support, performance improvement and bug fixes!
Hello legends of future!
For sure you have noticed that there are new stuff recently added to our beloved SurveyLegend app, since we posted the last update release notes. We have added a a few new surveying features to all free and paid accounts, and improved some of the existing features. Here is a summary and we hope you enjoy and spread the love!

New survey featuresNew Features:


turn off surveysCreate surveys in right-to-left languages

It’s truly amazing that our planet has such a nice heritage of different languages, and cultures (& foods of course :P) But there are actually not so many survey solutions that offer creation of surveys with a decent and beautiful layout, for languages that are written from right to left.

With all love and respect to those beautiful old scripts, we now have made it possible to create your gorgeous surveys, forms, polls, or questionnaires, with a right-to-left layout. So if you want your surveys to be published in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, etc… all you need to do is toggling a button while you make the survey.

Read more about creating surveys for RTL languages.

Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter® Score (NPS®)

Want to be the best in your industry? Then do as some of the best companies in the world already do, track your Net Promoter® Score. Apple, AT&T, BBC, Salesforce and more are just some of the companies tracking and learning from their Net Promoter® Score.

The NPS question type enables you to with a simple click or a drag and drop create a Net Promoter Score survey, form, poll or questionnaire. The Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of your firm’s customer relationships. This amazing question type will make life easier for you and your organization, we even do all the calculations for you.

Read more about Creating a survey using Net Promoter Score.

Limit answersLimit choices for Multiple Selection

So far, Multiple section questions allowed respondents to choose any number of choices. They were kind of unlimited therefore people could click all the check boxes, and choose all of the available choices if they wanted to. Naturally, some researchers want to limit the number of selectable choices. For example, they want to allow the respondents to choose their top 3 travel destinations, in a list that consists of 10 cities. With this new release, they can easily do so.

Read more about this new selection type

mobile surveysSurveyLegend for Mobile

From now on, you can login to your SurveyLegend account and access the Live Analytics of all your surveys. It’s pretty handy, specially when combined with our Instant Notification Emails, which enable you to follow the progress of data collection on the go.

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Use Rank Pictures, enjoy 4 other new features & many enhancements

rank pictures

New update, less bugs, rank pictures feature and more new features for better and safer surveys. We have made SurveyLegend more compatible with old browsers.
Hello all updated legends!
When a new year comes, a new feature should also come! So here you have the all new rank pictures feature and more.

As you may have noticed, we have just added a new surveying functionality to all free and paid accounts, and enhanced some of the existing features. Here is a summary of the latest impovements since our last update. Keep reading, and please, spread the love!

New survey featuresNew Features:


Rank picturesMedia Gallery: Rank Pictures

Have you ever used our Media Gallery before? If you haven’t, give it a try! It allows you to create very engaging questions by help of visual answers.

In this update, we have added a brand new voting type to the Media Gallery. When “Ranked Voting Type” is enabled, you can limit the number of choices for respondents, and ask them to rank the pictures. For example, ask them to choose their top 5 favorite choices, and rank them based on the order they choose them.

Read more about this new voting type

This new voting type has also a brand new diagram in Live Analytics, which shows you the quantity and quality of respondents’ ranking for each individual item. You will also see an average ranking, automatically calculated for each choice.

Read more about this new Ranking Bar Chart.

turn off surveysClose your questionnaires

Many of you have requested this feature and here it comes! If your surveys are too old and you don’t want them to be found by others, if the deadline for the online exam which you have made is passed, if the time to apply to an event is over and more you can now easily close the survey, form or poll in question.

This does not affect your eventual shared Live Analytics pages. Good to know is that you can activate your questionnaires at any time you want!

Promote sharing of surveys on social mediaPromote Sharing of Surveys

We’ve added a new widget to Welcome Page and Thank You Page fields to help you use your own respondents to spread the word about your surveys or questionnaires and make them go viral. We call it “Promote sharing of survey” and you can easily enable it in the “Settings” panel of the filed.

When this feature is enabled you will notice a widget with 4 social media icons Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn that get displayed on the Welcome page or Thank You page. Now Respondents will be able to share your questionnaire, directly to their social media channels with just one click.

Rank picturesEnhanced Drag & Drop

In the previous version of survey tool, we had some issues with drag and drop reported by our amazing users. When the questions were too long and had many choices, it was not so easy to drag and drop them were you wanted. Now thanks to your feedback, we decided to rebuild our drag and drop functionality.

The new drag and drop is more responsive, and provides a nice visual feedback when you interact with it. It also temporarily shrinks the question which is being dragged, to provide more space and a better overview for you to decide where to drop it.

Diagram iconEnhanced Charts

Now you can get more detailed data, by hovering your mouse or tapping on different sections of diagrams in the Live Analytics. This provides a richer survey data visualization.

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