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Add Animated GIFs to Surveys, Forms and Polls


The story of animated GIF images

Graphics Interchange Format better known as GIF was developed by a team at the bulletin board service (BBS) provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. Since then GIFs combined with social media has become an everyday experience for all of us, from the amazing and fun nyan cat to memes taking over the social media and how people express themselves online :)

Animated GIFs are great to use in surveys when you want to have more informative images, engaging content, or if you just want to show a process with one animated image instead of ten static images. However, one of the greatest user-cases for animated GIFs in surveys is for designers who want to get feedback on a variety of interaction flows, animated logo designs, or other animated elements.

That’s why we at SurveyLegend now have launched a feature which empowers you as the survey creator to upload GIF images in your questionnaires. This will also your content even more engaging and fun to respond to. Good to know is that having engaging material will increase finish rate of your surveys, forms or polls.

Adding animated GIFs to your surveys

With SurveyLegend you can add animated GIFs to surveys, forms or polls and make them even more fun to complete. Just like any other image format, Animated gifs can be added directly to each question, or in the Welcome Page or Thank You Page or the surveys. GIF pictures, can of course, be uploaded as choices too, in our Media Gallery questions. It’s also cool to know that you can upload an animated logo of your company, or create an animated banner in your surveys, using the Branding feature.

This is a great feature which will add that wow factor to your customer surveys, tests, or even job application forms (who does not want to work for a fun company?).

Why not take time and vote for your favorite “nyan cat” in our short but sweet “nyan cat” survey:


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