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Schools Should Collect Student Feedback! Don’t Guess, Know What Your Students Want Using Online Surveys



Don’t guess, ask for student feedback

Schools and educational institutions are the foundation of our societies intellectual growth, from the day we start kindergarten to the day we graduate college. Therefore it is utterly important that the Schools of today communicate with their students, be it asking for their satisfaction level of the school food, sport activities, teachers or a specific class they attended. Collecting Feedback (data) can be measured, making it important to be able to identify areas needing improvement or track if the actions taken to improve a class have yield positive effect.

We at SurveyLegend took contact with an amazing movie-production company Normal Filmproduktion here in Sweden and created a fun, informative video of how a principal went about making an invention to increase the feeling of safety for his students when at school. Maybe he should have asked to get feedback before starting 🙂 What do you guys think?



If you’re working at a school and if you haven’t started asking your students for their opinion then you should and no you don’t have to use SurveyLegend, but we would be super happy to have you as a member of our ever growing SurveyLegend family 🙂

We have also several survey templates that you who are involved with education can use to improve. Check out our Schools and Teachers Survey Templates, and we hope they help your school to become even more amazing.

Big thanks to all principals, teachers, our users, friends and family.
We love you guys <3

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