Posted on: 2018-02-23 Last updated: 2018-05-23

GDPR for respondents

SurveyLegend provides an online solution for creating surveys, forms and polls. Our users create questionnaires using our tool, and our system collects answers from their participants.  

What type of data do we collect?

The information we collect through our solution include whatever our users are asking their participants and may include age, gender, revenue, education level, sexual orientation, memberships of essentially anything, digital files, pictures. The list is vast and what information is collected is totally up to customers of SurveyLegend.
Uploaded files may contain metadata, which will be transferred to the Users. For example if you take a photo with your iPhone and upload it in a survey, the photo may contain metadata such as the geographical location (GPS position) where the photo was taken, or the device model with which the photo was taken, and more. Users may be able to see this information if they use certain software programs.
We collect your responses (weather the survey is “submitted” or not, to be able to show statistics, graphs, and transfer your opinions or feedback to the user who have asked you to provide them such information.
Additionally, when respondents open or answer a questionnaire, we collect additional information such as respondent’s country, city, operating system, browser model, browser version, and device model that they opened the questionnaire with. We also collect the time and date that the respondent have accessed the questionnaire. Moreover, our system collects the respondent’s public IP address only if the survey creator deliberately enables this feature. This data is also displayed to creator of the survey. IP addresses may have analytical values. For example, they may enable a survey creator to identify whether one person has participated in the same survey several times to affect the results. It is the survey creator’s responsibility to inform you about their policies and reasons of collecting your IP.  

Who owns and can view the collected data?

Data is owned by the survey creators (account owners / our users). They are usually the ones who send you a survey link, or ask you to fill out a form or questionnaire. These could be private entitties, or legal entities and organizations. SurveyLegend doesn’t own or sell the data (responses or files that respondnets upload). The collected data is not analyzed, transferred or sold to any 3rd parties for SurveyLegend’s financial gain. The data is only available to the creator of the questionaire. They can personally do data analysis, using auto-generated data visualizations of our live analytics view, or individual responses view, or offline if they export their collected data in Excel, CSV, raw data, or other formats. Should the account owners need to share their collected data with 3rd parties, we have made sure that they have to possibility of doing so, without compromising the privacy of their respondents. This is done by filtering out all personally identifiable data from the results, and auto-generated visualized analytics page for 3rd parties, which we call Public Analytics.
Our users have Other possibilities of sharing their collected data. We can not be held responsible for how they share or use the data that they collectd from respondents. As a respondent, it is up to you to trust the creator of the survey. Make sure you receive the survey from a trustable source.

Respondents have the right to be forgotten

The GDPR law grants individuals the right to be forgotten. We have also made sure that our users can practice this law. Account owners can permanently delete collected data should an individual request it. If you have resonded to a questionnaire and for any reason want your information to be excluded or removed, please contact the person who have send you the questionnaire and demand them to remove your information.  


We offer our users a feature that makes it possible to limit participation on their surveys. This means that a respondent will not be able to participate more than 1 time in the same survey. If our users enable this feature, our system saves a small file in your browser’s memory, which is called Cookie. Cookies are widely used by websites all over the web, for different purposes. They are small text files that store data made available by your web browser, such as language preference. However, the only reason we use Cookie files for respondents is is for our system to remember that they have already participated in a survey.
  • Cookies do not provide us with any personally identifiable information.
  • You can change or block cookies in your browser settings.
  • Cookies do not harm your computer or impact your online security.

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