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The Legendary Journey of The Gorgeous SurveyLegend Yo-Yo



The Creation of the SurveyLegend Yo-Yo From Start to Finish, Enjoy the Journey Friends 🙂

Hi fellow legends,

Not that long ago we at SurveyLegend started thinking about what physical product could represent our brand and amazing online survey solution. After some time of brainstorming we had narrowed it down to a few fun products, products that make you and people in your surrounding smile 🙂 You may ask your selves, Why? Because we work very hard on making it a joy to create surveys in our solution and getting your respondents to smile every single time they interact with your survey to provide you with feedback.

Products like footballs, frisbees, beach balls, boomerangs, basketballs and plenty more where mentioned, BUT it was when we saw a Yo-Yo that our eyes lit up 🙂 A Yo-Yo was the perfect product, it made us all remember our childhood when we were playing with Yo-Yos, hanging out with our friends and enjoying life then and now. The cool thing with a Yo-Yo is that you can enjoy it no matter how young or old you are, wherever you may be, plus it’s easy to master 🙂 for some hehehehe not me (Jasko).

So we started working on designing a Yo-Yo that would make the world and its proud owners smile, as we hope our online survey web-app does.

Producing the Legendary Yo-Yo

When the design was done we (Robert, Kiarokh and Jasko) all were enormously happy 🙂 it was time to start the production of Yo-Yos. But before starting the production we insisted on being there when the first Yo-Yos got finished, just to be 100 % certain that they came out as amazing as they where designed by Kiarokh. I (Jasko) personally visited the factory located in south of Sweden, close to our offices in Lund, to experience and approve the quality.

Everything we do is done with love, yes it takes time and yes it’s maybe not every company that’s as big quality freaks as we are here at SurveyLegend, but we want the best for our users (we rather call you family members). We don’t produce anything we can’t stand behind, making our amazing users smile and get the valuable feedback to make insightful decisions is our priority from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.

Why did you guys create the Legendary Yo-Yo?

This we can’t yet reveal, but stay tuned and the answer will come very very soon 😉
For now stay Legendary and enjoy life.

Thanks for being Legends,
We love you guys <3

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