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Hi fellow Legend!

We at SurveyLegend are working on the next generation of online surveys and you can help us to help you, by becoming a BETA tester.

The start

The SurveyLegend journey started in late 2010 with a team of three; today we are six young and older 😉 multicultural individuals based in Sweden. Our vision is to bring JOY to survey creation and participation; which has never been done before. So today, we ask for your valuable help. Visit our page and subscribe to be a BETA tester and take part in a legendary journey.

Legendary values

SurveyLegend is the next generation of online surveys – engaging and platform independent. By being the world’s first cross-platform survey Web app, SurveyLegend will become the first “mobile” survey Web app.

Some of the values that SurveyLegend creates:

– With one solution, creators can make beautiful surveys on tablets/computers with no set-up required – just a browser. Creators are mobile like never before.
– You save time thanks to our user-friendly app; which is the result of two years of design, interaction and usability tests, and hundreds of users’ feedback. Now you can create beautiful, quality surveys with no prior experience.
– Our live analytics is powerful, amazing and innovative; making SurveyLegend one of its kinds. Imagine Google analytics for surveys – beautiful interactive graphs that help you make those critical decisions.
– Imagine a survey that’s “engaging”. Now open your eyes, and start creating one with SurveyLegend. Spice up your surveys with images, videos and audio to enhance the respondent’s experience and the quality of insight gathered.

Existing members

If you are one of our existing members, you will be able to continue using our old solution. However, we won’t register new members to the old solution any more. Later on, after releasing the first stable version of our amazing, new Web app, both old members and beta testers can start enjoying it! Stay tuned for the latest updates… Follow us on social media… Up and up and away!

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