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The journey of the SurveyLegend family started in late 2010

Hi Legends!

The journey for SurveyLegend started in late 2010 with a team of three; today we are six young and older 😉 multicultural individuals based in Sweden. In the team we have representatives from Montenegro, USA, Poland, Iran and Sweden, making it a really cool company environment to work in, you can find the entire SurveyLegend family in the beutiful picture 🙂

We have faced our fair share of challenges but always prevailed. We believe that the journey defines a company, every bump in the road, every obstacle that we overcome builds character and what a character SurveyLegend has. Our vision is to bring JOY to survey creation and participation; which has never been done before.

Every day is a fun day at SurveyLegend headquarters, we are a great team with passion for what we do. If you want to be part of our journey and support us then you can become a BETA tester at SurveyLegend, like us on FB or follow us on Twitter. What ever you choose to do, we appreciate your time and support.

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