Posted on: 2018-05-01 Last updated: 2018-05-23

Data collection from Respondents

When Respondents fill in questionnaires (surveys, polls, or forms) sent to them by our Users, we collect data about the respective Respondents.

While SurveyLegend hosts surveys, our Users control how surveys are sent out and what is done with the information received. Response Data provided by Respondents to our Users are owned and managed by the User. To understand how Users will use Response Data, Respondents will need to contact the creator of the survey, the User who sent you the survey, directly. The use of information collected through our service shall be limited to the purpose of providing the service for which our customers have engaged SurveyLegend.

    1. Data that Respondents actively provide to our Users

      1. WHAT data we collect and HOW

        It totally depends on the questions that Respondents answer. We collect all Respondents’ responses which may include age, gender, revenue, education level, sexual orientation, memberships of essentially anything, pictures, or uploaded digital files if they use the File upload question type.

        Note that we collect responses even if Respondents do not “submit” the survey.

Uploaded files may contain metadata, which will be transferred to the Users. For example if a Respondent takes a photo with their smartphone and uploads it in a survey, the photo may contain metadata such as the geographical location (GPS position) where the photo was taken, or the device model with which the photo was taken, and more. Users may be able to see this information if they use certain software programs.
      2. WHY we collect

        We collect your responses (weather the survey is “submitted” or not, to be able to show statistics, graphs, and transfer your opinions or feedback to the user who have asked you to provide them such information.

      3. How we USE this data

        We do not use Respondents’ Response Data. It is the user who sends the survey who will use such data.

      4. HOW LONG we keep this data

        As long as the creator of the survey manually:

        1. Deletes their account
        2. Deletes their survey
        3. Deletes the Response Data from an individual Respondent

    1. Data that we automatically collect about you

      1. WHAT data we collect and HOW
        1. Through our surveys: When Respondents open surveys which are made using our Services, we collect:
          1. Respondent’s IP-address (only if this feature is enabled by survey creator)
          2. Respondent’s country and city
          3. Respondent’s device information (Device model, browser model and version)
        2. Through Google Analytics: On surveys which are made using our Services, we use a service from Google which is called Google Analytics to get an overview of large groups of users. Google Analytics shows us general information which are not personally identifiable! We may collect device information such as device type, operating system, browser version, country.
        3. Through Cookies: We offer our Users a feature that makes it possible to limit participation on their surveys. This means that a Respondent will not be able to participate more than 1 time in the same survey. If our users enable this feature, our system saves a small file in your browser’s memory, which is called Cookie. Cookies are locally saved on Respondents devices and are never uploaded to our servers or to us, which means we do not technically “collect” any information through cookies.
      2. WHY we collect and HOW we use this data
        1. Through our surveys:
          1. Individual Respondents’ country and city usually has analytical values for survey creators and they may use it in their analytics or reports.
          2. Individual Respondents’ IP-address may be used by Users (only if the survey creator activates this feature manually) usually as an identifier. IP addresses may help them figure out weather the same person is participating in the same survey more than one time. Such information may help them filter out or clean their collected data.
          3. Individual Respondent’s device information (Device model, browser model and version) is presented to the survey creator, as it may have meaningful statistical value for them.
          SurveyLegend will not use any of the above mentioned information.
        2. Through Google Analytics: For generic purposes, for example to optimize our services for different demographic groups, provide a support different devices. This information is not shared to our Users, and only used by SurveyLegend.
        3. Through Cookies: Cookies help our system to limit participation in the same survey from the same browser.
      3. HOW LONG we keep this data

        As long as the creator of the survey manually:

        1. Deletes their account
        2. Deletes their survey
        3. Deletes the Response Data from an individual Respondent

        Our data in Google Analytics: is stored there as long as we have our Google Analytics account. Keep in mind that we do not have any personal data there!

  1. Your rights to your data

    Respondents have the right to ask users to access, correct, or delete their Response Data. To do so, Respondents must contact the survey creator directly.

Note that citizens of different countries or regions might have different rights.