Posted on: 2014-05-01 Last updated: 2018-05-01

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how SurveyLegend handles your personal information and data and applies to all the services, products and websites offered by, SurveyLegend AB, and their affiliates, except where otherwise noted. These services, products and websites are collectively referred as the “services” in this policy. Unless otherwise mentioned, our services are supplied online by, SurveyLegend AB (LLC) on a global scale.
    1. General privacy terms

      1. If you are a “User”:

        1. When you create surveys, forms, or questionnaires, you own your collected data. SurveyLegend treats your surveys like they were private. We don’t sell them to anyone and we don’t use the survey responses you gather for our own intents, except in a restricted set of conditions (e.g. if you’ve made your survey responses public, or if we are compelled by a subpoena).
        2. We respect your participants as much as we respect you. Even if you make your survey results public on SurveyLegend website (e.g. when you show the data to your survey participants). We will never show the personally identifiable data (such as their emails, or geo-locations, etc.) of your participants publicly on the website. Such data is only shown to you when you login to your account; or while exporting the data or deliberately sharing it with people you trust. Your Survey data is securely stored on our servers. We apply the latest and best technological practices to safeguard your respondents’ data that they provide you, which may also include their personal information.
        3. SurveyLegend will handle your survey data on your behalf and under your instructions (including the ones agreed to in this privacy policy). We handle your data according to Swedish Law and other mandatory international or foreign acts.
        Read more details about Why and how we collect data from account owners and how we use it.
      2. If you are a “Respondent”:

        1. Surveys are administered by account owners. We only collect your responses to weather you submit the questionnaire or not. If you wonder about a survey you are taking, please reach out to the survey creator directly; which is usually the same person who asks you to respond to his/her survey.
        2. Are your responses anonymous? This depends on the survey and how the survey creator has configured the survey. We recommend you contact them to find out.
        3. We don’t sell your responses to third parties. SurveyLegend only presents and saves the data for the survey creator, who controls your data.
        4. If you think a survey may be engaging in illegal activity or violates our Terms of Use, please email us at [email protected]
        Read more details about Why and how we collect data from respondents and how we use it.
      3. If you are a “Visitor”

        1. We may use third party services that track how visitors navigate our website. For example, to know if they find us on Google Search, or come from an external link to our website.
        2. We gather information about how visitors behave on our website. For example which pages do they visit, if they are returning visitors, or if they ever become a user.
        3. This information is totally anonymous and we only see the statistics. We cannot see any personally identifiable data; unless a visitor decides to use our Live Chat service, which requires them to write their name and email address.
        Read more details about Why and how we collect data from visitors and how we use it.

    1. Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      We comply with the GDPR regulations, which aim to protect personal and sensitive information.
      Our Services are intended for use by our Customers. As a result and according to the GDPR clarifications, for a part of the personal information we collect and process about our Customer, their Users and Respondents, we act as a Data Processor on behalf of our Customers. Our Customers are the Data Controllers, and also they are Data Processors as well, for the data that they collect about their own respondents. Therefore, We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of our Customer’s, which may differ from those set forth in these Terms. We require our Customers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to provide Respondents with notice of the collection of data as outlined in these Terms.
      Additional info:

      Our GDPR obligations

      According to the GDPR, you as an account owner must deliberately and willfully give SurveyLegend your consent to collect your personal data, which is done by registering an account and using our Services, as explained in our terms and privacy However, we must also clearly and transparently explain the following information to our users:
      – How we collect data – Why we collect data – How we protect collected data – For how long we keep collected data – If, how, and why we share collected data – What are our privacy policies – And also inform our users that they have the right to view, correct, or delete their data at any time – Additionally ask them to follow the GDPR regulations for their own respondents

    1. Details of our data collection

      We collect data from and about three groups of people.
      1. Users: Users are those who own an account and use our services to create online questionnaires such as surveys, and forms. Details of data collection from Users
      2. Respondents: Respondents are people who respond to questionnaires which are created by our Users. Details of data collection from Respondents
      3. Visitors: Visitors are people who visit pages of our website and are not necessarily Users or Respondents. Details of data collection from Visitors

  1. You give your consent to the following…

    By creating an account with us you indicate your acceptance of this privacy policy, you expressly consent to the following:
    1. You accept to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal data/information in the way described in this privacy policy, even our procedures associated to IP addresses, cookies and log files.
    2. You accept that we share your personal data with relevant persons working for service suppliers who aid us to provide our services.
    3. When you enabled cookies on your web browser, you accept our use of cookies as explained in our privacy policy.