The hype behind our animated pages


You certainly haven’t missed our beautifully animated Home and Environment pages. But we hope that you, as our user, have never come across our cool 404 Error page, until now that we’ve decided to introduce it to you!

Believe it or not, our error page is one of the most visited pages on our web site. If SurveyLegend was a normal website, that would have made us sad; but this makes us very happy indeed.

There are many people who love the page. They have found it through their friends on social media, or blogs which talk about creative stuff on the net. When visiting it, they spend a decent amount of time there, and we love having such cool and curious guests.

If you have done any web design, you would know how many hours we’ve spent making these pages. But we think it’s worth it. A hugely important subject like the impact of our choices on the environment deserves more attention, and a legendary landing page needs to be perfect!

But what has made it possible to create these animated, interactive pages? Well, we just use the best of everything to create SurveyLegend, and we did use the best HTML5 animation software in the galaxy!

It is called Hype, a robust program, designed and engineered by a bunch of ingenious dudes at Tumult Inc; which empowers designers in the creation of interactive web content in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. We’re sure that Hype has made life easier for many designers, and creative pros; and has made the web a nice place for users.

But the great news is that Tumult is building the next generation of this program. They have recently released a beta version of Hype 3 Professional, which features awesome improvements and crazy new features.

If you also have a hand in design, we strongly recommend you take a look at a sneak peek of the new program. Watch it now! And if you, like us, are hungry to test their beta version, you can apply via this page.

Don’t miss this opportunity, and let your designer friends know about it too!


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Watch Hype Pro Teaser

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