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Well Legends,

As you may have noticed, we have been adding new professional features to your SurveyLegend. Here is a summary of the latest advances since our last update. Keep reading, and please, spread the love:


New survey featuresNew Features

Section breakSection Breaks can have images

Now you can add images to Section Breaks in your surveys, to make them more prominent, bolder, and more appealing. Section breaks can be used to refresh the minds of your participants. They help you organize your surveys, but they can also help your participants to switch focus, make up their minds better, and organize how they think and answer your questions.

Now, when you have images in Section Breaks, you can make more interesting surveys, and increase the chances of getting participants to complete your survey. You can, for example, incorporate icons in Section Breaks, that help signify a change in the subject of questions.

Survey submission notificationsSee data from incomplete surveys

From now on, any response that users provide will be kept in your live analytics. So even if a survey is not “submitted”, meaning that the respondent has partially answered your questions and closed the survey before completing it, you can still see the responses they have provided before leaving your survey.

This  ensures that you have not missed any bits of data, even from incomplete surveys. When you export your data, you may notice that some rows (respondents) do not have “Finished time”. This indicates that the survey has not been completed by the respective participant.

To view only completed surveys, you can easily filter out these rows, using your favorite Spreadsheet program.

blur and Translucency effectNew technology for blur and translucence effects

Our lovely translucent survey backgrounds look more gorgeous than ever. We have totally remade the components that created the blur and translucence effects for your surveys. Therefore, you now get an image with a higher quality blur effect, and improved performance when your surveys are opened on slower devices. Additionally, the survey wallpapers now stretch over the entire background of the page, from edge to edge. They automatically resize to any screen proportions, and can give a richer visual experience to your survey participants.

blur and Translucency effectNew ways to sign up

SurveyLegend now supports authentication methods from more external services including Facebook, Linkedin, and Edmodo; in addition to Google. This means that users from these web sites are now able to register and log in to our solution, simply using their other accounts. It also will help us to integrate more platform-specific functionalities in the future.

Notifications from your online surveysNotification emails

You may have noticed new notification emails arriving in your inbox, as soon as you get a certain number of responses for your surveys. Read more about our Notification emails.


UI / UX updatesBug fixes

  • Removed a bug in free accounts, which opened “Upgrade” pop-ups, every time you wanted to edit a newly added question.
  • Compatibility improvements for Internet Explorer 9:
    – Create step is showing up correctly
    – Fixed a bug in Dropdown menus which caused them to appear empty in IE 9


UI / UX updatesUI / UX updates

  • New blur and translucence effects
  • Redesigned the “passive preview button” exit survey creation Preview , so that users notice and use it more often, during survey creation. This preview mode does not register any responses, and is great for testing surveys.
  • Redesigned the “passive survey preview area”, so that it responsively covers all available screen space, to provide a better preview of your survey, right from your account. This preview mode does not register any responses, and is great for testing surveys.
  • Lots of layout changes, especially for Internet Explorer 9.
  • Small changes in the layout of the app



Secure surveysSecurity and performance updates

  • We have a new security badge on our website issued by Trustwave, signifying trusted commerce and secure transactions.
  • New secure ways of payment via MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro, in addition to PayPal.
  • Updated all 3rd-party plugins used in our web site and app.


We have added a tiny new section under our Terms of Use, which lets us show our customers’ logos or names on our web site and in promotional material.

We do hope that you enjoy these new survey features, and use them to create even better online surveys. We really appreciate it if you can spread the word about us to other Legends!

If you find any bugs, please let us know, and if you have any feedback or feature requests, don’t hesitate to tell us. We always prioritize our users’ wishes in our development plans.

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