How have you been surveying customers, employees, or just people in general? If you’re using text-based polls or surveys only, you could be missing out on some valuable data. That’s because images impact the way a person votes. So, using surveys to vote on images can improve your results!

In a political study, The Image and the Vote: The Effect of Candidate Presentation on Voter Preference, research reveals that photographs influence voters’ perceptions of a candidate and significantly impatcs the way they vote. 

So, when you’re conducting a vote, a picture really is worth a thousand words! This applies not just to political surveys, but any survey that can benefit from the addition of an image. Adding an image to each question or answer in a survey or poll helps create a more engaging picture poll. Consider these facts:

  • ​​90% of the information the human brain processes is visual.
  • The human brain processes an image in just 13 milliseconds.
  • The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 80% of people remember what they see (only 10% remember what they hear and 20% of what they read).
  • Content with visuals is consumed 12 times faster than content without.

In our blog, 7 Benefits of Using a Picture Survey or a Poll with Pictures, we highlight the advantages of using a poll maker with pictures. In a nutshell, voting on images helps boost engagement and triggers participant memory and potentially an emotional response. This helps increase the response rate and allows you to secure better data.

Asking Respondents to Vote on Images

Image polls or image-based surveys are a lot like text-based polls, however, they use images rather than just words to get the job done. This is done to make them more engaging and exciting. Here’s an example of a poll with pictures asking for thoughts on a new steakhouse logo. Customers are asked to vote on images, helping marketers decide on a logo.

Logo Photo Survey


That’s pure marketing, of course. You can also use an image poll to ask students who they think is the most impactful United States president, for example.

Vote on Images


We chose a student survey in this example because images can be beneficial for helping capture the attention and understanding of young minds. An image of each President also helps to fuel memory and responsiveness.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways to create a poll with images. You can use them as an icebreaker, asking respondents to choose an emoji that reflects how they feel. Or, you can collect their opinions on a new office space. Ultimately, when it comes to a picture poll or image vote, the options are limitless! 


Adding images to polls and surveys increases engagement, which in turn improves response rate and data! Ready to get started with your voting on images poll? Creating online polls with images with SurveyLegend is easy! Simply click the Create a new survey button and get started! Have questions? You’ll find answers on our Create a Free Online Survey page. Before you begin, you might want to check out our blog on 5 Things to Avoid When Creating an Image-Based Survey. Then, you’re ready to begin!

Have any other tips for researchers creating image-based surveys? Have you found image polls to be more successful than text-based surveys? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an image poll or image-based survey?

Image polls or image-based surveys use visuals in questions and answers, versus text-based polls which use only words. Adding images to polls and surveys helps makes them more engaging and exciting.

Is there data that supports using image-based surveys?

90% of the information processed by humans is visual, making imagery much more powerful than text only. 

Can survey visuals influence respondents?

Studies show that imagery in surveys can impact decision-making. Of course, survey images are meant to aid in understanding, not influence. So, it’s important to choose fair and impartial survey images in order to collect honest responses.

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