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Online Voting for Elections During the Coronavirus

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds hundreds of words or phrases annually based on tracking word usage throughout the year. The more a word or phrase shows up in published materials and electronic publications, the greater its chances for inclusion. So for 2020, our money is on “social distancing.” 

Social distancing is the act of staying away from other people to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. As a result of social distancing, many businesses and organizations have had to rethink their operations, especially when it comes to holding an election.

Electronic Voting During the Coronavirus

While many businesses have been able to quickly adapt to our new reality by moving operations online and communicating with co-workers, clients, and customers through instant messaging and video communication tools, it does complicate things when it comes to holding an election, in which voters are generally supposed to be physically present and voting by secret ballot.

Of course, since votes are supposed to be confidential, those video chats and other means of communication that organizations have been gravitating toward as a result of the pandemic are of no use when it comes to an election. However, an online survey (or online polling) can be easily conducted to hold the election as scheduled and keep voters’ choices anonymous. 

Now, we’re talking about using an online survey to hold a presidential election (that’s a whole other scenario). But we did recently have a customer ask if we could help him with electronic voting as it pertained to electing individuals to company leadership positions. Our answer? A resounding “YES!” 

You can use electronic voting to elect people to steering committees, council positions, board membership, and more, all with online surveys.

Electronic Voting Through Online Surveys

There are a variety of online polling websites out there, but let’s look at the ease with which you can conduct your “electronic election” with SurveyLegend. And, it’s not that much different than creating any other type of survey.

1. Create the Survey

You can easily create a multiple choice survey (or image choice survey with the candidates’ smiling faces) and set it so that only a “Single Selection” can be made. If you like, you can also make it so that voters cannot skip over any selection by activating the “Answer is Required” setting.

2. Share the Survey

Upon completion of your survey, you’ll receive a link that can be shared with anyone via email or social media. Privacy is likely to be a concern, so you can restrict access to the survey by assigning a password to it. This will limit access to only those who you’ve supplied with the password. Want to see our password protection in action? Check it out at the bottom of this page.

3. Collect Votes

Our Survey Logics will ensure that each voter can only submit their ballot one time, and you can also keep track of who has or hasn’t responded even while keeping the voting anonymous. Every response to your survey is presented in real-time, enabling you to follow the feedback live. 

4. Analyze the Results

Once you’ve collected all (or enough) votes, you can download the data into an Excel or CSV format, or simply export it directly to Google Drive. You can even share your real-time analytics page, publicly or privately, depending on the nature of your election.

The Importance of Online Voting Security

When a voter casts their ballot, they expect their choice to remain anonymous. And when you collect the data, you expect the information to remain private. So, you need an “electronic election” process that’s secure. 

At SurveyLegend, we like to say that we’re as secure as your bank. We’ve achieved an Extended Validation Certificate, which can only be obtained after a company has been thoroughly investigated and certified by a valid EV Certificate Issuer. All data transfers within our site, app, and surveys go through highly encrypted connections, and we are compliant with the GDPR. Your security is our priority!

Want to learn more about SurveyLegend? Take a socially-distant tour of our services! Or, if you’d like to talk more about setting up surveys for online voting, drop us a line at any time.

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