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It’s live, it’s live, it’s liveeeeeeee



Hi Fellow Legends!

We are proud to announce that we have launched SurveyLegend. Yes, you heard us correctly, It’s live, it’s live, it’s liveeeeeeee!

We released the brand new version of our survey web app last night around 12pm (Swedish time) and it was an amazing time for all of us. We have been working on the app for quite some time now and are really proud to finally share it with the world. Enjoy the joy…

Everything you see has been developed by us at SurveyLegend, with no external investment capital whatsoever. We want to thank our families and friends for their support and for believing in us from day one. We also want to thank the business incubator Ideon Innovation for their extensive support; and last but not least we want to thank you, the reader of this post and hopefully a user of SurveyLegend.

Use the app with love, as we have developed it with love. May it help you in the quest for gathering insight and making smarter and better decisions, with a beautiful smile on your face.

We promise to do our best in supporting you, in developing new amazing features and also keeping the design forever gorgeous. It’s a part of our company’s DNA.

Start believing in us and never stop.
We love you all!

PS! Keep it Legen…, wait for it, …dary!

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