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Survey Integration For Shopify

Customer feedback is important no matter if you have a big online presence like H&M, or if you just created your first online store using Shopify to sell your homemade mittens, made by ecological wool. Remember all companies that are big today started small.

SurveyLegend makes it easy for you to create surveys, forms and polls to embed in your shopify page and collect the much needed customer feedback. By knowing your customers visiting your Shopify web shop, you increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Get to know your customers

You have created your Shopify page and you have started to sell, congratulations great job. But now you need to grow and take over the world. To grow you need to know your audience. Knowing your audience will allow you to better communicate, offer better products and have a better customer support.

Happy customers market your company and your products, do all you can to make them happy. One of the ways to get to know your audience is to do surveys and get feedback.

SurveyLegend offers an easy to create & embed survey, form and poll solution for Shopify; saving you time and money.

What types of surveys can you do and embed on your shopify web-page. Here are some templates for your inspiration:

Conclusions of having a survey, form, and poll on your Shopify webshop

No matter how big or small your business is, collecting customer feedback will increase your understanding of where you are and what direction you should take with your company. Collecting feedback can help you offer better products, increase customer satisfaction, find areas on your webpage or services that need improvement. But it can also help you understand what you are the best at.

Knowing what you are great at will help you market the exact values you offer that make your company unique.

So what are you waiting for? Start asking questions and act on the insight today, and become a better company tomorrow :)

Stay curios and informed!
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