Easily share your Live Analytics, and enjoy six other new features


Hello all updated legends!

As you may have noticed, we have just added several professional features to all free and paid accounts. Here is a summary of the latest advances since our last update. Keep reading, and please, spread the love:


New survey featuresNew Features


Share survey dataSharing survey results in real-time

Yo! Stop wasting time exporting your survey results and sending them to your boss, colleagues, or clients! It’s so much unnecessary work, isn’t it?

From now on, you have the power to let them instantly see and analyse the gathered survey data, visualized beautifully in real time!

You can do this in three unique ways, and you have full power to control it:

Share survey results instantly1: Instantly when a survey is completed

This is a very popular classic feature, usually used for online polls. You have for sure seen it, specially for questions such as “Which team wins the final match World Cup this year?”, or “Which candidate will be president of your country?”.

Participants can directly see your collected data after the survey ends. This enables them to see how others think about the same subject; and also motivates them to share the survey with others. Learn more…

Share survey results with link2: Using a public link

This one enables you to send your survey results to 3rd parties, so they can review it at any time. Visitors will see your Real-time survey results Live Analytics but with no personally-identifiable-data from your participants. Learn more…

Share survey results with private link3: Using a private link

And finally, this feature empowers you to send an exact copy of your Real-time survey results Live Analytics to parties you totally trust. They can see everything you see, and if you give them the permissions, can even export the raw data whever they want. Learn more…

This has definitely been one of our biggest features so far! To make it possible, we have re-engineered how data is saved on and retrieved from our servers. Our main concern has been you and your respondent’s privacy and security. Make sure to read about these new features and learn howsharing real-time survey data can be used creatively.


Liker ScaleLiker Scale questions

Now you can easily add Liker Scale questions to your awesome online surveys. Our brand new Likert Scale makes it extremely simple to create mobile-friendly scaled survey questions, with large quantity of Likert Items and Selection Choices. We have redesigned their conventional look and how respondents interact with them, and solved many problems the old ones have.

As you know, traditional Liker Scale questions visually look like confusing tables, which make them hard to understand. For average survey participants, the tables may look like small IQ tests, and it takes a while before they figure out how to answer these type of questions.

Additionally, due to their visual appearance, traditional Likert Scale questions are very limited. Surveyors could not provide as many “Likert Items” as they liked, because there is simply no space for many items in a table. Moreover, it was impossible to have those large tables presented in a good way on mobile phones, and be able to answer the questions shown.

Yeah you know we’re innovative and think for future, so we redesigned Liker Scale questions from scratch. Now, you can ask for people’s opinions about many “Likert Items” in one question, your respondents can understand them, answer them, and interact with the questions with ease; even on the small screens of mobile devices.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, go ahead and read more about our user-friendly Liker Scale questions here.


Limit participationLimiting number of participations in surveys

Limiting number of participations in the same survey can help gathering quality data. With SurveyLegend you can limit respondents to take the same survey only once. So, as soon as your respondents “submit” their answers, they will not be able to retake the survey on the same web-browser. By default this feature is ON, so all your old and new surveys are automatically protected against multiple participations.

If you desire, it’s very easy to turn this feature OFF for any survey. Read more about limiting number of participations in surveys and learn where, how and why you would need to use it.


Promote participating in surveyViral surveys

From now on, you can smartly use the power of your respondents, they can now share your surveys with their friends. We have made it “as easy as a single click”, for your respondents and their friends to post your surveys, or your public survey results on their social media. This can help you make your surveys viral, and collect more precious data. Learn more about how visitors can promote your surveys and make sure to maximize your data collection.


Share survey instantlyInstant share widget

We have introduced a new widget in the “Share” step of survey creation. By clicking on the social media icons, you can instantly share your survey. This also enables you to add a description text which will be published with the survey on your desired social media channels.


UI / UX updatesBug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that forced newly drag-and-dropeed questions, to appear always at the bottom the survey; in case survey included many.
  • Fixed a bug that affected data export for some users.
  • Addressed an issue with our “Upgrade” page, which sometimes did not load correctly.

UI / UX updatesUI / UX updates

  • Fresh and slick look and feel for our app, totally redesigned with loads of details which will enhance your experience.
  • Our app is now more responsive to your clicks. It shows you nicely animated visual feedback, to help you better understand how everything works in there.
  • Our surveys look visually better. They are redesigned, enhanced and provide appealing visual feedback to respondents.
  • Enhancements in the look and feel of our website
  • New navigation menu for our website, which adjusts itself for new visitors, or our legendary users; to help them find what they need, easier and faster.
  • Redesigned Live Analytics cards, display your collected data in a much more beautiful way.
  • Charts in the Analytics cards are more colorful.
  • Lots of useful information and tips (tooltips), integrated directly in our app. Now the information you need about each feature, is just one click away. Just click on the ? icons to instantly learn about features, or find more details about them in our user guide.

Secure surveysSecurity and performance updates

  • Lots of performance improvements in the app, which helps it load faster.
  • Using new technologies that have extensively improved our website speed.
  • Updated all 3rd-party plugins used in our web site and app.
  • Whole new way of saving and retrieving data & statistics from our servers.

We do hope that you enjoy these new survey features, and use them to create even better online surveys or forms. We would really appreciate it if you can spread the word about us to other Legends!

Love/ Team SurveyLegend

If you find any bugs, please let us know, and if you have any feedback or feature requests, don’t hesitate to tell us. We always prioritize our users’ wishes in our development plans.

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