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How to Create Online Ballots Using Surveys

An online voting system for your organization offers many benefits, and online ballot security has greatly improved.

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How to Create a COVID-19 Work From Home Survey

As the country begins reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering if a work from home policy should remain in place.

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15 Student Survey Questions to Ask About COVID

Student surveys are a great way for educators to get feedback. Here are 15 school survey questions to ask when creating a COVID survey for students.

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25 Employee Survey Questions: COVID Return to Work Guidelines

As the country begins to open and employees return to work, many may still have coronavirus concerns. Here’s what to ask them.

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How to Plan Virtual Events Using Event Surveys

The value of people engaging one another in a face-to-face setting will never go away, but virtual events can help bridge the gap when physically getting together isn’t an...

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How To Use Student Surveys (Even During COVID)

Student surveys administered by teachers can serve many purposes. They help gauge teaching effectiveness, student-teacher relationships, the classroom climate, and more. They’re also useful during unusual or challenging times,...