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How to make multilingual surveys

Learn how to create a multilingual survey, using SurveyLegend.

Easily create a survey, which supports multiple languages. Reach a wider audience & get insight about how each group responds to your multilingual survey.

Multilingual SurveysHow to create multilingual surveys

Around 75% of the world’s population do not speak English. This is while you as a company owner, business strategists, or researcher, always need to reach out to a wider audience and ask them your critical questions to collect richer data. One smart way to reach out to a wider audience is to present them your questionnaire in their own preferred language.

This could have been very hard, if you were not a SurveyLegend user; but luckily you are and can enjoy creating a hassle free multilingual survey with ease.

Benefits of multilingual surveys

When you make your multilingual survey with our survey tool, you automatically get the following advantages:

  • One questionnaire for all target languages: You will send only one survey link to your respondents and let them choose their preffered language.
  • Easier promotional strategies: having an all-in-one solution makes it easier to promote your survey on different channels, e.g. via email; social media, SMS, etc… All you need to do is sharing “one” survey link, and let the audience choose.
  • Respondents choose their preferred language: many people know more than one language, but they may prefer to answer your questions in a certain language. For examples in countries which have many official languages, or many immigrants.
  • Sectioned data per language: not only we show all the data in one analytics page, the data will be sectioned by the language separately. This way, you will see how each language group responded.
  • Ask language-specific questions: sometimes you may need to ask a specific question from respondents who prefer a specific language. This is also possible in out multi-lingual surveys.
  • Increased quantity of collected data: for every language you use in your survey, you increase the chance of collecting more data. The easier you make it for respondents to express their opinions, the more data you will collect!
  • Increased quality of collected data: also because using multiple languages helps you reach a larger group of people and larger sections of the society, there will be a higher quality in the collected data.
  • Support for right-to-left languages: SurveyLegend is built to support any language, including including multi-byte character-set languages like Chinese and Japanese, or right-to-left languages like Persian, Arabic, or Hebrew.

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