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We’ve got our Extended Validation Certificate

We have always used secure SSL encrypted communication with you, from the first day SurveyLegend went live. However, to prove the high level of security and create more trust, we have recently upgraded to an Extended Validation Certificate (EV).

What is an Extended Validation Certificate?

Only a legally recognized and trusted company can achieve an Extended Validation Certificate. To get one, a valid Extended Validation Certificate issuer entity has to investigate and certify that everything is legitimate with the company. It is a difficult and time consuming process, but it makes sure that everything is in order.

SurveyLegend's Extended Validation Trustbar Indicators

You can easily see which sites have true Extended Validation Certificates, by the presence of Extended Validation Trustbar Indicators, which appears in the browser’s address bar, just like in the image above. Each browser shows the Extended Validation Certificated in a different way. However, usually a green box accompanied with a lock icon indicates this certificate.

In addition, the “HTTPS” letters in the beginning of the address shows that we are using SSL Encryption.

Want to know more? Read about SurveyLegend and Security

SurveyLegend’s animated video

The animated video

Hi legends,
We have been working for some time on a cool animated video, and now its ready to be revealed to the rest of the world. Enjoy it, and share your joy with others!

We love you guys <3

Big thanks to all our users, friends and family.
p.s. don’t forget to rate it 😉

The legend just became more awesome

legend has been updated

Hi legends!
The legend just became more awesome, SurveyLegend has just been updated. Below is a short overview of added features, enhancements and improvements to the site and the app.

  • SurveyLegend has become a native Google Chrome app. You can add it to your Google Chrome apps and simply start using it with no hassle.
  • Fixed a bug in the Google login function, which effected users that registered using their gmail and then started using Google to login when that option became available. This was causing users to login but not being able to create surveys or access their previously created surveys.
  • Added a link shortening service to the share page which automatically generates a link that are around 50% shorter than before, to make it even easier and more elegant sharing surveys.
  • Added a new interactive landing page to our website, designed exclusively for mobile phones.
  • Optimized SVGs and PNGs in SurveyLegend app and also in the website, for even faster loading.
  • Resolved a bug that kept Safari users logged in.
  • Included visual tips to make it easier for new users to navigate through survey creation steps.
  • Added explanation text for the survey start button on the Welcome Page and the Submit Survey button in survey creation to make it more clear that it is possible to edit the button labels.
  • And lots of other technical enhancements, visual optimizations, and small bug removals.

Thank you all. Please keep giving us your great feedback, and stay tuned for further updates.
You’re the best!


It’s live, it’s live, it’s liveeeeeeee

legend live-01

Hi Fellow Legends!

We are proud to announce that we have launched SurveyLegend. Yes, you heard us correctly, It’s live, it’s live, it’s liveeeeeeee!

We released the brand new version of our survey web app last night around 12pm (Swedish time) and it was an amazing time for all of us. We have been working on the app for quite some time now and are really proud to finally share it with the world. Enjoy the joy…

Everything you see has been developed by us at SurveyLegend, with no external investment capital whatsoever. We want to thank our families and friends for their support and for believing in us from day one. We also want to thank the business incubator Ideon Innovation for their extensive support; and last but not least we want to thank you, the reader of this post and hopefully a user of SurveyLegend.

Use the app with love, as we have developed it with love. May it help you in the quest for gathering insight and making smarter and better decisions, with a beautiful smile on your face.

We promise to do our best in supporting you, in developing new amazing features and also keeping the design forever gorgeous. It’s a part of our company’s DNA.

Start believing in us and never stop.
We love you all!

PS! Keep it Legen…, wait for it, …dary!

Survey Data Presented in a Visual, Insightful & Cool Way

Here is the next SneakPeek of our amazing and gorgeous solution and survey data 🙂

Hi Legends,
This page shows your overall statistics. In the donut charts, you’ll get a quick overview of how many surveys you have created and the total amount of participants that have responded to your surveys. All this is presented in a beautiful way, if we may say so ourselves.

SurveyLegend earth, donut chart and survey data

The gorgeous earth you got the chance to see last week has a bigger meaning than just looking sweet. Actually, it shows real time Ssurvey data, in a joyful way. If you take a look at the clouds you will see that every single cloud has some data in it (except one, which one?) – don’t be shy, have a look…

We also present the number of trees you have saved by choosing to use online surveys instead of paper (boring and not very environmental friendly) surveys.

Next week we will be presenting our Live Analytics page. If you think this was cool, wait until you see Live Analytics, and more 😉 so stay tuned.

To subscribe for the beta, click here: SurveyLegend
Have the best of days!