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Our third update and nifty new features

Our biggest update and new awesome survey features
Hey Legends!
Thanks to our amazing users, friends and families, we keep getting more and more awesome every day! Thanks for your bug reports, big support, and awesome feature requests! We do our best to make things happen, in the most user friendly way possible. The number of our amazing users is increasing with the speed of a rocket – and it feels so great!

And here are the new updates, keep reading and please spread the love:



New survey featuresOur third update and brand new survey features 😀

Required answersSlider ratings scale questions

Our brand new interactive “slider ratings scale” gives researchers the opportunity to produce questions and answers styles that incorporate a greater breadth of answers. You simply get more ways of asking questions with scaled answers.
By offering the possibility to slide a bar on an attractive visual line, surveyors can improve the usability of their online surveys, and also receive more nuanced responses from participants.

Smart fields

With this update, we are introducing some smart fields. Smart fields have the intelligence to verify the data that your participants put in, before they submit the survey to you. If the provided data is wrong, they cannot submit the survey. This ensures more quality in collected survey data.

Enable other choiceSmart field: Email

The Email smart field is designed for you who want to keep in touch with your survey participants in the future. You may want to send them the results of your survey; or perhaps you want to collect this data to identify your participants,  keep them posted with news and updates, or to send them rewards for completing your survey.

So the email smart field helps you make sure that lazy participants don’t just type random letters to simply get past this question. Also it helps the participants to avoid and correct their typos. For example, if they type my-email@gmailcom (which means they have forgotten to type the dot before “com”), the survey gives them a clear visual feedback. Only emails which have the right format can pass the verification, and therefore you assure the quality of collected results.

MediaSmart field: Name

The same thing happens with Name fields. It only allows characters that are used in names. So people can’t type numbers or special characters, like @ symbols, that are not used in names. Additionally, this field is smart enough to work with any language, not just Western languages. So, enjoy and use it as best you can!

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Our biggest update and new survey features

Our biggest update and new awesome survey features
Hey folks!
SurveyLegend has just become even more awesome! This is the biggest update since our first launch, and now your surveys will be smarter and better than ever before. This update includes brand new survey features, in addition to improvements of existing features.

You may know that we are just 5 peeps creating SurveyLegend. We have worked so hard – day and night, weekends and holidays – to deliver these new features, to make you happier and more powerful than ever before; and to make SurveyLegend the best online survey tool in the world! – which it already is, of course…

Oh yes, these new updates are awesome… but the good news is they are just side effects of all the fundamental work we are doing for a slew of upcoming professional features. So, enjoy the tip of iceberg for now and stay tuned to see more in the near future.



New survey featuresNew survey features

Required answersYou can make answers required

This is a commonly used feature in professional surveys. By making answers required – which will be illustrated to participants by use of an asterisk – you can make sure your respondents will give answers to your critical questions and won’t skip them. Read more about required answers here…

Enable other choiceRespondents can add their own choices

If you want to let your survey respondents add their own choices to your questions, you can now do that. These type of questions are also known as “Open ended questions”. In many cases, it’s important to allow your respondents to provide you with their own answers, if they wish to give a response outside of the choices provided. This feature currently works with Survey Field: Single selectionSingle selection. Read more about enabling the “Other” choice here…

MediaYou can add images

We have added support for uploading images into surveys. The image uploader only accepts JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats. One cool thing is that there are no file size restrictions, because our system automatically resizes images that need to be reduced (if they have a width of more than 670 pixels) before uploading them. This saves you a lot of time, and you don’t need to use your internet speed for large file data transfers. Additionally, you won’t need to care about working with image editing programs and so on… And, of course, your original local image files will not be resized – just the new image copies that will be used in your survey.

With the new version of SurveyLegend, you can now add images to the following Survey fields:Survey Field: welcome pageWelcome page • Survey Field: Thank you pageThank you page • Mobile-friendly themesBranding. This will give you a lot of power to personalise, beautify, or liven up your surveys – or make them brand specific. With this new infrastructure, we will soon be launching more amazing, new features as well. Read more about adding images here…

Survey field: Thank you pageNew survey field: Thank you page

When a survey ends, it’s time to warmly thank respondents for the time and energy they spent giving you feedback. Therefore, we have designed a nice new survey field called the “Thank you page”, which not only empowers you to thank your respondents and leave a nice lasting impression, but also gives you the chance to redirect them to an external web page, or another survey of yours.

It sounds like a simple page, but it is capable of far more than you may think. We recommend that you read more about this amazing new possibility here. You’ll learn more about how you can use it smartly in your online surveys, to increase your survey participation rate and more.

Branding survey featureNew survey field: Branding

When you have created a well known, trusted and awesome brand, you deserve to express it to your audience in a nice way. So we have made a neat header bar, which can be used to present your brand, while people are participating in your surveys.

The branding area will be placed above all of your survey fields, and visible throughout the entire survey experience. You can put your company logo in it, or use it as a banner, etc. It’s up to you. Read more about this new survey field here…

Export survey data to Google DriveNew exporting option: Export to Google Drive

As you know, SurveyLegend has been engineered to be a native app for Google Chrome, but now it’s even more integrated with Google Services. From now on, you can connect your SurveyLegend account to your Google Account, and easily export your collected survey data in excel (.xlsx, .xls) or CSV format to your Google Drive.

This gives you the power to export your survey data directly to Google Drive, to style, reach or share it with anyone you trust, from anywhere. Just remember to protect your participants’ privacy, as it is your responsibility from here…! Power brings responsibility.

Just connect to your Google Account through our app and you will be able to export your survey data.

Time spent on surveysNew analytics data: Time spent (in each country)

The new Live analytics can now show how much time is spent in total on taking your surveys. To see this data go to the World Domination map and hover over – or tap on – the countries from which you have received responses. In the pop-up that opens, you will see the total amount of time spent on your surveys in that country.

Participations from unknown countriesNew analytics data: Participants from unknown locations

If for any reason our system cannot track the country or location from which your participants are coming, the new Live analytics can now show it to you. In such cases, you will still be able to see how many have viewed, started, or completed your surveys from unknown locations; and how much time is spent on your surveys from unknown locations.

To see this data go to the World Domination map and hover over – or tap on – the island that looks like a question mark. In the pop-up that opens, you will see the relevant analytics values.

Google Apps MarketplaceInstall our app for your business

Now you can install our app for you business accounts on Google Apps Marketplace. This also lets you directly export your collected data to Google Drive, for a collaborative professional work or further analysis.

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The Story Behind the SurveyLegend’s Mascot

The story behind SurveyLegend's mascot
Click on the image to enlarge

Call it luck, destiny or whatever you want 🙂 One thing is for sure, Jasko and Kiarokh did not plan this, and by this we mean Jasko and SurveyLegend both being bald.

Where to start? Hmmmm…
Jasko had for a while the idea of shaving his head, why? Well we live only once, it’s good for your hair, so I’ve heard, and it’s something you should do at least once in your lifetime, according to Jasko 😛

I was hesitant when standing there about to become bald as I walked back and forth. Finally my little sister (Emma), the one holding the trimmer, just did it!!! And it was to late to go back…

The next day (May 4, 2014) we where barbecuing with friends and family, my new haircut was turning heads, shocking family and friends, because they knew how much I loved my hair.
Kim one of Jaskos closest friends got intrigued with the idea of going totally bald, Jasko had gone so far as having only 3 mm of his hair left so 0 mm was the next obvious step. Later that day Kim shaved Jaskos head and it was official, our CEO was now bald, not being aware that he was as bald as SurveyLegend 🙂

Kiarokh had been looking forward to redesign the SurveyLegend’s mascot A.K.A The Legend, our superhero 😉 Continue reading

How to send spam-proof survey invitations via email

How to send spam-proof survey invitations via email.

Many say “Email is dead”, we say “No, it’s not!”. Just look at your smartphone’s email app now. When was the last time you checked it? If you haven’t just woken up, it shouldn’t be more than an hour ago.

“People still spend half their workday dealing with it, they trust it, and overall they’re satisfied with it, according to our 2012 survey of 2,600 workers in the U.S., UK, and South Africa who use e-mail every day” Harvard Business Report

We keep checking our emails regularly, and even send emails to ourselves to remind about something that needs to be done. Emails are becoming searchable archives of our interests, to do lists, notes, and more…

So, why should it be a bad idea to share your survey links via email? Emails are still the most cost effective and popular ways of getting in touch with individuals.

However, emails have always have some down sides since they were created. When it comes to distributing  surveys via email, the worst thing that can happen to your sent survey invitation emails is that they end up in so called “Spam folders” of your participants; so there is a huge list that they will totally miss your email.

So, we would like to give you some tips about how you can make your survey invitation email spam-proof. To do so, we should first learn what spams actually are. Continue reading

SurveyLegend Loves Venture Cup

The little book of BIG ideas. SurveyLegend sponsors Venture Cup, SurveyLegend loves Venture Cup.
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SurveyLegend Loves Venture Cup

Hi fellow Legends!
We are proud to announce that SurveyLegend will be sponsoring Venture Cup and their competitors. SurveyLegend has also competed in Venture Cup, and we made it to the final 🙂

SurveyLegend loves venture cup, so it’s a special honor for us to be able to support Venture Cup and their amazing organization. We hope that all the contestants use SurveyLegend to the fullest. Knowing your customers and your market is essential for succeeding in the ever growing and highly competitive marketplace!

Good luck all entrepreneurs!
We’ve got your back 😉