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7 Benefits of Using a Picture Survey or a Poll with Pictures

Let’s face it: Text-based surveys can be kind of boring. Especially if they’re long and on a topic of little interest to respondents. Perhaps that’s why, after taking into...

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How to Make Multilingual Surveys with Examples (+ Top 5 Benefits)

Can you believe that there are nearly 7,000 languages in the world? So, it’s no surprise that almost 95% of the world’s population does not speak English as their...

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What is Responsive Design and How Can it Improve Survey Response Rates?

Due to the number of devices and screen sizes available today, responsive design is a must, especially when creating surveys.

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Add a pop-up survey, form or poll to your website with ease

  Create your pop-up survey, form or poll now!   We all have gotten confronted with a pop-up from time to time, a pop-up can provide us with a...

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Feel your legendary powers with Kiosk Mode, Faster Analytics, Spam-bot protection, more customizability, and design improvements

Our legendary ?s! We have been ?ing hard, to give you new features and improvements. This is a brief list of most important highlights that we have released, since...

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Picture Form Made Easy

reCreate your own picture form, survey, or poll now!   Picture Form, Why? Visual communication is becoming more and more the dominant way of making engaging and impactful communication....