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5 Things to Avoid When Creating an Image-Based Survey

Humans are visual creatures. Of the five senses, most of us rely on sight the most to process information. So, it only makes sense to include images in questions...

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7 Differences Between B2B Surveys and B2C Surveys

Most companies market themselves differently to consumers than they do businesses (if they’re not, they’re probably doing something wrong). So, it makes sense that B2C and B2B surveys would...

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How a Picture Survey or Picture Poll Helps with Branding (with Examples)

Get this: 94% of the world population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo. That’s some powerful branding, and it all comes down to one image, a logo. While Coca-Cola can get...

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7 Benefits of Using a Picture Survey or a Poll with Pictures

Let’s face it: Text-based surveys can be kind of boring. Especially if they’re long and on a topic of little interest to respondents. Perhaps that’s why, after taking into...

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How to Make Election Predictions with Political Surveys

Predicting the presidential election isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t stop political analysts from trying. Some political analysts use a very scientific election prediction model, while others base their...

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8 Online Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

With employees working from home in record numbers due to coronavirus, it’s time to consider the best remote team collaboration tools.